I Hate Herrrrrrrrrrrrr

Daily: when she walks in the door (or when i walk in the door) she immediatly asks questions about everything. If I am talking on the phone, she will start repeating everything... I am talking to other people and she feels the need to be apart of the conversation. I am 22 not allowed to go out anywhere, move out, have sex, blahdaadadaaa... so I hide everything. Couldnt even tell her I was on birth control. She would flip the **** out over everything. she is a major dork. I am sick of her constant nag. She is always talking. I am about to run away. She ******* ****** me off. How am I supposed to tell her that I got pregnant?? That *****. I cant even be a daughter for her because she will NEVER be the mom I need. *****.

howdoyoulikemenow howdoyoulikemenow
Mar 7, 2010