I Hate My Mom

This is the first time with me posting about these feelings. Though, I just can't take it. My mom is an alcholic and lives a "secret life", in my opinion. As far as a family background, I have a mom (*****), Dad (like God), sis, bro, and me. Took me 'till I was 10 to figure out never again I would be able to rely on my mom to do anything. The night I completly turned against her was when I looked through her phone. Call it rude to look through her messages, but I knew she was up to something and she was. All her messages were about meeting up and what not (other guys)... the minute my brother and I saw this, we knew we had to tell our Dad. Who, deserves much better than her. Before the events of us rummaging through her phone we went to dinner as a family. Of course, my mom was the most wasted she has ever been. Was the most embarresing thing. So wasted, she falls over when we get home... everyone, including my Dad... tell her... we cant take this ****... though, my Dad is old school, does not belive in divorcing... though he should... because this sucks.

Anyway, when we told my dad about the messages... even forwarded a few to our phones for proof. He thinks its a smart idea to go talk to her... the next day she has her phone locked with a pin. The next event, was when I found out she had a secret computer life, with a secret email. I was so pissed.

To think,, my mom is not only an alcholic... though I can't even talk, look, or believe her ever again. I want her to seek help, though she won't. I always question her, though she seeps through the cracks.


What should I do? I have had so many more bad experiances than this, though I find as each day goes on, I seem to hate her more and more.

I know I shouldnt hate my mom, but I cant seem to forgive her or talk to her. A matter of fact, I rarly talk to her anymore. I leave her to her 24/7 drinking, smoking, and secret life that no one has any clue about.

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honey, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. Sorry for your whole family. Your dad need to do an intervention. He needs to take responsibility for his family. He's enabled her to do this. I'm not trying to be harsh. My parents were alcoholics and I know what it can do. BEG your dad to intervene. I know he's old school, but his children have a right to a healthy life and this is not healthy. My heart is with you.