Mother Hate Sample In Third World !

OMG , eye'm not alone .

Thank GOD because if u say this in public specially here at Africa many

People will insult U and hate U without hearing U ?

Even the religious leaders will not be nice or listen to U?

Truly my mum hate me since childhood she put all

her anger at me! With full force sometime I wonder if I am her son , trust me !

when she have problem with my father , brother ,sister, I have my share of her anger sometime 50% so u can imagine if the problem is between me her : the whole city will know .

For attacking me she have many attack skills : From nasty word to insult and much to her pleasure she like cursing and hope that all my business and work to fall .

She hope that if I marry she ask GOD that my marriage must not last !

yeah in our world it is not easy to say that your mother hate U ! no one will listen to u , thanks to the net we can hide and say some truth , she help and work hard to break up my marriage she push my wife against me ! I was living in family house but yet she there everywhere I go ! If I say to wife for example do this my wife will call and ask and she will

Say do not what he ask! If she someone love relatives or friends she will hate that person.

She turn my friends to enemies and hoes by telling them that I don't love her and all the negatives and nasty words about me ! for her I am the real Evil ! my boss is wise if not she want to tell him nasty thing about me .

her PR war against me was somehow good for her the reason she able to : to set hate between me and my brothers and sisters , uncles ,friends , house workers everyone come close to me or to family .

When I was in problems she told people that I am nothing and I will be nothing.

She told relatives that I am pagan and that I practice magic and that I work with Evil, devil, demon , witchcrafts !!!

for her I am the most ugly human in Africa , so when she saw my ex-wife she wonder how

get this beautiful lady and that I do not any right to get her .

The most stupid human that GOD create and all the nasty and dirty comments on the earth

Is my daily breakfast , yes early in the mooring attack when I was family house and far by help of my wife who was playing the same way like mother !

when I am happy she is sad , when I am sad she is happy !

but at USA ,Asia ,Africa who can say that his mother hate u ! people will say : if your mother hate why she carry u for about 9 month ?! Ok for them they can read this!

but thank I pray GOD and he gave the way out of family house the option is to avoid mother now I stay at my own house so I am free , yeah as good child I call and come to see her every two days she said now that she miss but truly if stay for 10 minutes she will be nice but if stay more she will begin the old school ways : nasty words , nasty comments , your bother is better than u ! u r nothing , u r ugly , u r stupid , u r , u r.

I put master plan and I understand that I have keep myself as much far from her

And since I am not in the house , thank GOD I can keep long distance from her

She try and tell my father that since I am not married , why I stay far ?!

She is trying to bring me back to house hell in order to continue her show but

No way . ( kindly if u have any master plan help me ) the reason At Africa if u ask your mother to go to see psychologist that will be the end of the world even educated people

Will see the truth but the culture will win over reason! Yes people will say : this man

Is bad and this will confirm her negatives words about me, the funny thing here she ask

Us as her children to go and see psychologist for her she fine and other are crazy, for her we have problems!

To be honest my brothers and sisters many of them do not give her any change if she talk

Aloud and shout at them they will reply in most violent way and many time I am the one who stop them because I can see that some of them will try to slap but yet she praise as heroes and king ! My bothers are kings and my sisters are queens! They do not even care about her!

I was very soft was her and caring but the result is insult and I try to do the same way like others to be violent but it did not work.

My Mother wants to see down and she meant it and she want other children to be better than me and she says it loud! In her ways She love to compares me to brothers and sisters and that they are all pretty and clever and that she do not know from which planet I come .

If I love a type of music she will insult the singer , when I like a football team she pass all the day talk about how that team is bad and when my best team lose any game she will be happy and keep talking about it for hours for this celebration event .

When my devoted friends come she will ignore later she will try to tell them how I am bad

And if they care about that she will begin saying : I do not want to see your friends at family and house and that my friends must call before coming and get her approval but my brother and sisters friends are welcome anytime , sometime I think she is my step mother ! GOD forgive me !

Yes I am not angel and I am not devil.

To the whole world I call for : SOS ,911..etc


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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

Wow, so this phenomenon is world wide. You seem to have a realistic grip on your world. I commend you. I'm glad you found this site. I just discovered it today. Thank you for sharing you most interesting story . It is helping me tremendously just reading others views on their terrible "mothers." These women believe they are fooling people, but I imagine your friends see the real demon she is. At least in America we can move 1,000 miles away from demon mothers. My best to you. I have one son, tomorrow I will tell him how proud I am of him and his life choices. Trevecca