I Can't Even Pick My Favorite.

I won't share my real name here. Elle is actually a pseudonym because it is something like female or girl in French.

My parents turned on the TV, saw my name on a male, and decided that it would be a great name if they had a daughter. Mind you, they didn't know if they were having a girl or boy, and they wouldn't have used that name on their son!

I grew up hating my name. My favorite names were pretty feminine. My favorites included:

Amy, Andrea, Bethany, Brooke, Caroline, Elle, Grace, Heather, Marie, Olivia, Penelope, and Victoria.

I privately called myself Elle for a while, then decided it was boring and used a different name, then eventually come back to Elle. I then loved el-based names, such as Elizabeth and Elise.

I can't tell all of my family, "Oh, by the way, my name is Grace." one week, then say, "Nevermind about that. My name is Caroline." I can't even tell my family I'm changing my name.

I stopped calling myself Elle. I know for a fact that I am changing my name sooner or later, but if Elle gets too boring again and I have to change it, I can't change everybody's mind.

This is driving me insane. Can anyone "help" me?
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22-25, F
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Oh, and how many of you like the name Kennedy? I'm coming up with replacements all the time!