I Hate My Name

my name is Ashlyn Mae.Ashlyn doesn't sound feminine and Mae is just ugly.plus,it doesn't flow.and Ashlyn was used in that horrible barbie 12 dancing princesses movie,and to this day I get teased about ''Princess Ashlyn''.I wish I was a Kate or a Jessica :(
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

I love your name. It sounds girly to me so I don't understand why your classmates tease you about it. It is actually way better than those that I've encountered.

For example, I found a local name that roughly translates as Child Vampire. Yes, Child as first name and Vampire as last name. The parents are horrible!

Another one was girl who has a male name with a 'junior' affixed. They thought she was going to deny anyway and just gave her any name. But she lived and now has to live with a guy name.