Understatement Of The Year!

 When i moved to this neighborhood, everything was fine. for the most part, everybody was decent, and respectful of one another. until they moved in. and right next door to me. I have never in my life seen a family so ignorant and crazy as these people are! People on my street work. we get up early to do this. (i have to be at work at 5am!!!) So naturally after a certain hour, you expect things to wind down. they are the opposite!.they are up all night, sleep all day (they dont work) they blast music at 2am, cars in and out of their yard all night, blaring the car horn, they are always fighting,yelling,cussing, (and of course they have to come outside to do this). Im so frustrated i want to move. only thats not so easy to do as i own the home that i live in. im so tired of being tired! i cant get any sleep because as soon as i go to bed, they get it going. it never fails!!  for 8 or 9 years now ive had to deal with this problem! it definitely sucks!!
jshirlnita jshirlnita
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

Omfg, same here Except only for 1 year. Aieee oh great you just gave me a sneak peek of my coming years.... They have my street (i live in a dead end circle) filled with cars, blocking the driveway, and my mom called the police twice. Mayb you shud call police