Not All, Just The Bastard Next Door...

I get along with all of my neighbors really well.  All of them except the short little rotund bastard next door to us.  He's been squatting (maybe it was standing-can't tell) on our property since I moved there.  I alerted him to the property despute several years ago and told him he would need to move his fence back 7+ feet to the property line.  Yes,  I said seven feet... for 100 feet of the property line.  He had erected a tree fort in two of the trees that straddled the property line.  The town advised him to relocate the tree fort and move the fence back.  I wanted the trees removed completely as he had damaged them by driving lag bolts through the trunks to secure the fort.  He refused to remove the trees, and threatened to file charges against me if I removed them.  He did move the fort to his side of the trees.  Their kids constantly hit their balls and throw their toys over the fence.  I've been nice to throw them back over.  We have since put in our new fence and have a lock on the access point to keep the neighbors out.  We've had to ask them to not jump the fence, or squeeze through, as we would open it for them so they could retrieve their toys.

We have suspected that the kids continue to squeeze through because the fence gate is getting damaged on the bottom from excessive force.  Today, the same neighbor had some tree work.  The tree company asked us if they could part the crane in our new driveway to do the work.  We told them know as the asphault is still too new and will get dents/impressions in it from the outriggers.  So instead, the workers, instead of knocking on the door and asking for access to our back yard, squeezed through the fence and did additional stress damage.

My wife alerted the tree co workers that they had damaged the fence and that I would be speaking with the neighbor when I get home.  The f-in guy is on the Board of Ed, but you would think he is the US President with the way he walks around.  I believe he is suffering from the Napolean Complex.
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I know your pain. I own a small summer home in Arizona, on Biltmore Dr. There is a creepy guy who is always coming onto my property. He finally outdid himself just last week. He decided to do a little remodelling while I was home in Toronto. so, he cuts our hedges and paves himself a superlong crescent shaped drive way. I must say, I snapped and decided to take matters into my own hands, as my lawyer wasn't getting anywhwere. I grabbed my old rifle, headed outside, and calmly told him that he had gone too far and that he better get the **** off my land before I filled him full of lead. He scrambled out so fast, he tripped on his own feet and fell headfirst into the wet cement. I haven't seen him since. Anyway, wanted to share this, and here's today's lesson: When people tell you to keep off their property, you better do it before they snap. Good luck with the dispute. ;-)

I've wanted to introduce him to my Mossberg, but in my state, that wouldn't go over too well.

I really don't understand WHY, when 2 people share a property line, one of them feels the need to tempt fate by putting something too close to the property line. My overbearing neighbor had the gaul to pave his new driveway over the property line and onto my property. I'm not saying an accidental foot or so, try a good 8ft. These yards are small to begin with, so that really pissed me off. Some people are simply unbelievable! It sounds like you're neighbor is rather clueless and it sounds like you are handling yourself quite well. It don't think you're being unreasonable, so continue to stand tall and be firm. Not ugly, just firm.