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I live in a neighborhood with an HOA.  A lotta good that does, I have renters living next door to me.  They never have their dogs on a leash.  They never cut their grass.  They throw parties everyday.  They don't party in their home or in their backyard.  They party in the front yard.  They BBQ in the front yard.  They never close their doors or windows.  Their dogs just walk thru their house, as if they are living in the country.  They play their music so LOUD it shakes my house.  They park their 4 x4 in the front yard.  He never wears a shirt, he looks nasty.  He is suppose to be in the military.  They want do anything unless I have a name, which I don't.  The HOA want do anything, because he is one of the Board members friend.  I hate to come home.  I was late to work this morning, because I got up to move to another room last night to try and get some sleep.  I forgot to take the alarm clock with me.  I am frustrasted.  This man has threaten me, but the local law enforcement hasn't done anything about it.  I have prayed to God.  I have try HOODOO, nothing works. ( practicaly every house on my street is for rent, ( I live in a neighborhood with a lot of military, big turn over),so he gets with the other renters and starts lies about me.  I am so tired.  I just don't know what to do, I am paying for a house I hate to come home to.
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2 Responses Apr 10, 2012

I'm sorry to say, for your own health sake, you really need to move away from these people. Get some peace back into your life, it is awful not to want to come home. I understand I have nasty neighbours too. And am thinking seriously that it is time for a change.

I'm sorry, that's miserable. Home should be the one place where you can look forward to going at the end of each day. It should be a place of peace and relaxation. Hard to do that with self-centered pigs like the neighbors you're having issues with. They sound pretty trashy. I think it's incredible that a HOA is in place and they do NOTHING about them parking on their lawn, BBQ out front, being loud, etc. They board needs new members. Have you thought about joining?