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My fiance and I bought our first house a year and a half ago. At first it was perfect! Both of the neighbors on our right and left side are great. But then we started having trouble with the neighbors ACROSS the street. It seems that everytime we have friends over the have to call the police to complain. We are never even very loud. Last weekend we had the police come at 11:10pm... The police even said that they parked down the street and walked up so they could hear for themselves how loud we were... they said they heard nothing. We had about 5 people over and my finace and one friend were talking in our BACK yard. Even the police said "sometimes people call us for stupid reasons" but they still need to take note of the complaint which my result in us getting a ticket! I'm just unsure how it's fair that we can get a fine if we aren't even making noise. Does that mean I can call false noise complaints on people and give them a fine? It doesn't make any sense. I'm not sure what to do anymore they drive me crazy! The man that lives there blasts his radio so loud all day that I can hear it from inside my house and I have not once complained about him! I'm not sure why they have a grudge against us....
p.s. they are only about 30 years old... my neighbors that never complain are in their 60's and 80's! What should I do!!
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They sound neurotic.<br />
Unless... Think about all the time they've been your neighbors and maybe without knowing you did something that upset them and it was left unsolved. Has there been any incident? Even if small that could be it, could be a little thing (a garbage issue, parking issue, just examples) that over time made them angry and it could have generated a dislike and intolerance now even to things are not that bad.<br />
Of course there's always the possibility they're just plain @ssholes that get angry at everything because for some reason they're bitter. There are some people like that too. <br />
But give it a thought.

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As I read your post I swear it could have been my neighbors as I have the exact same problem with them. They keep complaining over loud music even though we rarely play music louder than for "background noise". They said loads of times that they think we smoke in the elevator (we don't even smoke) and they are dead scared of our dog and have made up stories of how the dog "attacked" their daughter, when in reality even if he wanted to he wouldn't be able as she runs away when she sees him. Meanwhile the very same neighbors spend their weekends fighting so loud I always know what the argument is about :). Bottom line is people love seeing what's wrong with everyone else and can never smell the sh*t in their own backyard. I say just ignore them and don't get annoyed. Or wait for them to do something stupid and then ring the cops :) But I think ignoring is better in the long run.