My Neighbors Are So Annoying Now I Keep Dreaming About Roaches

Hello people...
With a deep breath I'm starting to write this. It's driving me insane.
It all started around September 2011 when the apartment below me was empty. This is a small building, only 4 apartments and 2 share one entrance and the other 2 share the other entrance.
This couple with a girl that must be around 4 years old. They don't work (none of them) they get money from the government, so they're always here, they don't have to go to bed, etc.
Anyways ever since night 1 they hammer at night, move furniture at night, clean at night and believe it or not the little kid never goes to bed before at least 1:30 - 2:00 AM (I don't know, some people could call that child abuse even).
I know we live in apartments, the walls are thin as paper but the kid runs around making the floor vibrate from 12 PM until 1, 2 AM on a daily basis, she throws tantrums daily the kind that she's probably foaming out of the mouth. At the beginning it was manageable but after months...
But let me tell you what drives me even crazier about them: They have this weird and bad habit of leaving their shoes outside their door, daily we have an average of 11 pairs and that's the first thing I see when I enter through the main door... AND SMELL!
The landlord doesn't want to talk to them, instead he leaves them notes on their mailbox, e-mails, but it clearly doesn't work they just couldn't care less. Then they started leaving travel bags, plastic black bags, etc
They remove the stuff when the landlord says something but never the shoes and within a few days they will start accumulating objects outside again.
They hijacked the backyard without asking, put a bunch of toys, a kitchen for kids, a slide and a whole bunch of other stuff of the sort (the big plastic chunky kind for little kids). They made like a playground. Don't get me wrong, it's not the playground per se what bothers me but the assumption that they can take anything they want the same way they hijacked the hallway to leave all their stinky shoes.
As I write this, the guy is hammering and the girl is running around like crazy, it's 11 PM not so late but I've grown so tired of it over the months that every noise makes my guts growl now and more because I know they're just warming up.
Only the 2 top apartments have a deck but they already decided that they want to have theirs under mine. Why? Just because it's there.
They're very noisy, intrusive and the worst! THE SHOES!! The stinky shoes I have to see and smell less than a meter away every day
To add some dressing to the salad my other neighbors next door who aren't noisy and keep to themselves had a baby... And since December I've been hearing it day and night. I know, I know it's not their fault or the baby's and I'm not complaining really about them but it adds up and when everything is sounding together it gets on my nerves :(
Now I dream about cockroaches every other night and it could represent a symbol of something very unpleasant in your life and I know the closer my patience bar went to red is when I started dreaming about that.
I feel like one of those express cookers and the steam is not coming out... That's why I write this. Geez I hate those people already.
Any advice to isolate myself from all that? Because they're not going to change and I can't leave tomorrow either :(
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I enjoyed all the comments and thank you. Today they've kept the main entrance opened for about 8 hours at the beginning I thought they were loading/unloading stuff so that's totally fine but after 8 hours I went to close it and they kept opening it.<br />
You see the problem is there's only 4 apartments and 2 share 1 entrance and 2 the other. So if I throw the shoes away it was obviously me and trust me I've been tempted.<br />
Now they have all sort of crap under my deck (which is not a deck, they don't have one), an old rug in the backyard, the kids toys are in the garden and the landlord has started to excuse them about the shoes saying they don't have much of an entrance and that he'd give them a shoe rack, etc... Sigh... That is not an excuse, there should be zero shoes outside. Anyways I'm losing my mind I day dream there's a moving truck outside and they leave while I'm toasting with champagne LOL<br />
I really like the location, it's surrounded by parks in front and to the right, very pleasant but if this doesn't improve somehow I might start considering moving to a place where there are rules.<br />
They stink my place late at night like pot big time. I don't care if the smoke I just don't want the smell in my place. They are free loaders for sure. I'm in Canada and they're natives so that's why they get some sort of subsidy. I have nothing against natives at all just these bastards that have no clue about how to behave when sharing a building.<br />
P.S. I've already thrown away a couple of things they left in the yard and guess what: I didn;t do it XD

LOL! I used to have neighbors that would leave all kinds of miscellaneous stuff in the communal hallway as well. Eventually after the landlord continuously spoke with them about it and nothing happened, I simply put on some latex gloves, packed all the s**t into a bag and dumped it in the dumpster. Problem solved and there was never any more clutter in the hallway.

I've lived in shared living situations and I totally relate. I'm honestly NOT a people person and I prefer to keep to myself. That being said, there are certain common sense rules that apartment dwellers typically understand. Mostly because your momma told you how to behave. You are sharing walls, so keep noise to a minimum. Having a birthday party or something similar once in awhile is one thing. Yelling at your spouse and having loud sex knowing (and not caring) that your neighbors can hear, is something else all together. It's obvious from the issues you encounter with your unruly neighbors that they are flat out CLUELESS and probably have very low standards. I think it's kind of funny that they keep their shoes outside their door. That's such a... civilized thing to do. But if they have tons of shoes outside their door, cluttering the shared hallway and creating bad odor, that's totally not acceptable. Knowing me, I'd probably kick their shoes all over the hallway like a minefield. Maybe they'd get the message after awhile. As for the unacceptable noise, banging on the walls at them sometimes works. If they are ***** about it, call the cops. I'm sure they are ******* off their other neighbors and not just you.

And I did...
They were told again by the landlord and then he even gave them a shoe rack. They stopped for about a month then I saw the first sign of attempting to leave shoes out. I took the pair (that soon would become into 12 pairs) and put it outside in a box as trash. No shoes since there... So far.
I'm so fed up I don't give a damn if they know it's me and they do heh :D
Maybe they'll get the message,

Sound like free loading druggie white trash to me. Alternative: call police and threaten your landlord to take action.