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Apartment Living At Its Finest...

I live in the Bronx in NYC. A nice, quiet neighborhood but still, you shouldn't expect silence. I enjoy a lot of aspects of apartment living. No home repair costs. Heat is included in rent. If something breaks, my super fixes it, I dont have to outsource.
I live in a large building. I recently moved into a bigger apartment on the other side of it.
The lady downstairs complains to the super about me CONSTANTLY. Two weeks after I moved in, she complained I walk around in heels. (I had only worn heels once, I dont go to work in heels. I went out to dinner on a SATURDAY). This made her angry. I was talking to my super about it. I said "J- I was wearing the heels for literally like 30 seconds. I walked in my front door, walked to my room, took off my heels and got into bed. I know I wasnt wearing them very long because I started having sex shortly after I got home!" He said "I know. She told me that too." LOL
She says we walk around too much. Its just me and my three year old. I weigh 110 lbs. She weighs 35. Our dog weighs 8 lbs. Our footsteps cannot possibly be that heavy. Not to mention I had to FULLY carpet the place after her complaints.
I can hear the people above me. Quite loudly. They wake up at 5:30 every morning. The woman puts on her heels over an hour before leaving for work. They have no carpets. They have a golden retriever. Do I complain? NO. Because I understand that I live in an apartment and you can hear your neighbors. The guy that lived above me in my previous apartment was a gamer. He stayed up playing xbox live and RPG games ALL night almost every night. He had a rolling computer chair. Every night, when he was gaming, if he decided he wanted something on the other side of his apartment.... he would ROLL THERE. LOL
If the chick downstairs were a quiet person, I would understand this. Except, she is REALLY loud. I can hear her and her boyfriend fighting all the time. I know details about their relationship, she is so loud. She is always yelling. Last week he was ignoring her while she was whining at him. Then he started texting someone for 20 minutes. Then he left and didnt call for two days. Then he called but he was out at a bar but wouldnt tell her which one. He said he might be home to pick up some stuff, he might not. He calls her a **** when he's mad. I know all this because I can HEAR THEM.
She doesnt care though. I am too thickheaded to understand that listening to my three year old walk in her own home until 8pm (bedtime) is SO much worse than my three year old hearing two people scream "****" and "******* *******" 3 nights a week.
Jessalex Jessalex 26-30, F 3 Responses Apr 29, 2012

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Good vent post. Comes with the territory though. Although I don't think I ever had anyone complain that I walked around my place. Now I live out in the country. Soo quiet... until a damn train rolls by while I am on the damn phone.

Hope you and this woman below you can come to some mutual understanding. Sounds unlikely though.

I think she might be letting out some of her tension on you instead of her boyfriend ~ you don't need or deserve that.

Yep. This. Not sure what can be done about it though.

Your neighbor is obnoxious. Complain to your super about your issues with her. Or if you're bold, go knock on her door and tell her in a sweet, condescending manner that you would appreciate it if her and her boyfriend didn't use expletives that you and your child can hear. Walk away before she can respond. She's obviously an unreasonable person if she's complaining that you walk around to much. That's INSANE and unreasonable. Are you supposed to stop walking in your home? LOL