Crazy Neighbors!

My husband, 2 year old daughter and I live in a 2 story town home. We live between 2 other town homes. We do not rent we all own our homes. Our neighbor on one side is a very nice woman. She lives there with her 2 kids. On our other side are they crazy people. It is a man and woman in their late 60's/early 70's their 26 year old daughter and her 6 year old son. They are constantly knocking on our walls and have complained to us and to the police that we are too loud.  We abide by the noise ordinance in our city and we are not excessively loud.  We don't listen to music loudly or the TV loudly.  They complain that my husbands voice is too low and it carries through the wall.  They have called the police on us twice.. both times around 10:00 in the morning!  They say that we are talking to loudly and that my husband and daughter are playing too loudly. We spoke with them the first time they called and they complained that the walls between the town home were not insulated correctly. We tried to explain to them that we weren't purposefully being loud and that we have a young child and she likes to play! They really didn't want to hear what we had to say and didn't really listen to anything we said. But speaking to them was like talking to a brick wall. We told them that we didn't appreciate them knocking on the wall and they stopped after that... until they called the police out of nowhere while we were getting ready for work. After that we were done trying to "work things out with them". I tried to speak with them after that but it was even worse than the first time. They left us alone for a month or two and then the knocking and beating on the walls started again.  The final straw was when they knocked on the wall on night (around 10:00) because my husband had a cold and had been sneezing. We called the police that time.  The police just kept telling us that we needed to work it out with each other.. but that was impossible. They continued to knock after that. They even knocked on Christmas morning while we were sitting down opening presents. Around that same time I started speaking to their neighbor on the other side. They do the same thing to her and she lives by herself!!! The last interaction any of us had was when they knocked on her wall on the night of Valentine's Day. She had her boyfriend over and they had some music on, on her TV (it was not loud). I heard them beating on her wall from my town home. Then we hear yelling outside. The woman from next door was at their other neighbors door screaming at her and calling her "trash". My husband stuck his head out the door and asked her if she needed help and the woman screamed at my husband to stay out of it. We called the police and after they had spoken to the neighbors the police officer came back and said "that's 20 minutes of my life i'm never getting back, I usually tell people to work it out between each other but you don't need to have ANY interaction with these people at all".  Since then they turn up their TV as loud as they can at night they knock up against their other neighbors wall all day long. She works from home and can't even concentrate because they are so loud. They slam the kitchen cabinets. They still knock on their other neighbors wall when they decide she's being "too loud". They don't knock on our walls as often but they open their blinds in the morning when we leave and stare at us. The woman came outside one morning and was staring my husband down with her hands on her hips, so he waved to her. She yelled at him and told him "you better watch out you slime, bipolar, moron". He just laughed at her. We don't know what to do. Their other neighbor doesn't even want to stay in her town home anymore because she can't handle them harassing her so badly. Whenever I hear anyone knocking (not even at home) my heart starts racing and I start feeling anxious. Its about to drive us crazy! We only have 1 more year before we can move (we had to live there 3 years because we did the $8,000 tax credit when we bought it). We just don't know what to do... everyone tells us we need to press harassment charges or do something to make them stop. We are just worried that they will try to get back at us and make up something about all of us and it will backfire on us.  We aren't doing anything wrong, we don't knock back at them, we don't knock when they make noise or anything. We have NEVER purposefully made noise to make them mad! HELP! What should we do?
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3 Responses May 6, 2012

My neighbors are much worse...last week one lady let her great dane loose and it mouled my aussie...My son is 5 and some crazy folks here are always saying mean things to him...We already bought another home on a family friendly neighborhood and we are moving far from this nonsense here. They are family phobic and they hate children . So sad.

Thank you for your advice, we didn't hear them knocking this past week. I have tried to just ignore it and pretend they don't exist. It helps that they bother their other neighbor too. It just shows how crazy they are!!! Although, I would rather them leave both of us alone!

I am ignoring my family phobic neighbors too. Crazy folks.

Wow, I really feel for you. What you're going through is exactly why I opted for a detached single-family home when i was looking to buy my first place. But wouldn't you know, one of my neighbors is as crazy as yours! Since it sounds like these people are being totally obnoxious and unreasonable, I say to do your best to pretend they don't exist. Go about your daily business. If they are being terribly disruptive to peace in your home, make a habit to knock on their door every time and become an annoyance just by telling them to "please stop knocking on the walls. You're being very rude" and walk away before she can respond. Eventually, she'll get tired of seeing your face at her door and she'll stop knocking on the walls...hopefully.