Living Above A Thief.

My neighbor is the unemployed, inconsiderate, loud, smelly, lying, thieving grand daughter of my landlady.

She moved in while she and I were both about 8 months pregnant. I first met her by going downstairs to ask if she would be willing to smoke her cigarettes outside since we have 2 other children, and I was pregnant. We didn't want them breathing in all the cigarette smoke. She politely told me yes then closed the door and laughed. She has never gone outside to smoke, in our non smoking building and it has been well over a year now.

Once her son was born she started having extremely loud parties everynight. She would thump on my floor if my kids made even a small amount of noise but she would have her music going until around 4 am. Then she started having some bad people come around and we started to notice things go missing. first it was a few of the children's toys that were outside suddenly ended up in her apartment, she denied that they were ours even though our last name (which is not common) was clearly written on them. Then it moved on to items that were in a locked shed behind the apartment complex. Just last week she was caught with my other neighbor's ups package in her apartment. We had to put up security cameras all over the building just to keep things from vanishing.

One day I was out in the common area and it smelled HORRIBLE she happened to come out and I just said "oh man, what is that smell" she laughed and told me she hadn't done her dishes in about 2 weeks. On 2 occasions I have walked outside to find her 1 year old son outside in our unfenced front yard alone. I just don't understand it.

apparently the police are watching our apartment building due to suspected drug activity going on. She has at least 30 different cars coming and going all day and all night. Most of them have criminal records.

I just don't understand it. Unfortunately we can't afford to move right now and I really just hate her.
Kinsley Kinsley
22-25, F
May 15, 2012