People From Hell

First off the neighbor two houses down has a child with autism and they bought him a BB gun and let him run wild with it. The day I told him to stop shooting at my kids his mom came out and wanted to fight me for telling her kid what to do. Next the drunk lady next door thinks that I tried to kill her dog and shot her cat. Never mind I was unable to walk at the time due to I broke my pelvis in four places and I wasn't even in town the weekend it happened. Now I have four houses of people that live around me giving me dirty looks and talking trash because she has told all of them I did all these things. I understand I have a list a mile long of messed up things I have done in life but this is not on the list. She was in the front yard one day screaming that my child isn't really sick that we claim she is so we can collect a check. My child has a terminal illness and we make too much money to collect a check. The day her husband came over and tried to fight me I was walking with what a real man. The good thing to all this is they are talking about moving in about a week. God I hope they do. Then with them gone everyone else will go back to keeping there mouths shut and leave us alone. I have noticed in the five years we have lived here that only one neighbor has gotten a new car or for that matter anything new. We have had more trash talk because I bought new rims and tires for my truck and I got my wife a camaro for christmas. WTH does that have anything to do with these people? I don't know if it's the economy  or what. I almost feel famous. I went out with some friends the other day and while loading some stuff up in the truck I had five of them outside starring at me. Its like poperatzzi lol Some people need to get a life and stay the hell out of mine. We are looking to move within the next couple of years and this time it will be to some land in which we will have five plus acres of land and anyone living close by I will not become friends with them. In the first five years we lived here I bent over backwards to do things for these people because a simple thing like a hammer or a shovel or for that matter any other tool they needed I would either let them borrow it or would go over and do it for them, just to find out that the moment I walked away they talked trash about you. Well enough was enough and we stopped talking to all of them. They say when you split up with someone you each take a piece of each other with you, I took the sanity lol I hate my neighbors!!!!!!
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1 Response May 16, 2012

I feel your pain. our neighbors son is autistic and runs to our home constantly. he is non verbal. and always has no clothes on. sometimes it takes them 30 min to come for him. our home is the only place he runs to so what takes you 30 min to notice your child missing. he is severely autistic and completely non verbal. The dad is RCMP so we got nowhere for years reporting it. they think we are the issue.