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We live in a great waterfront neighborhood in Texas, a high HOA and all. My husband and I saved up for years so that our daughter can grow up in an outstanding community. But never judge a book by its cover... Our neighbors are renters and there are 7 ppl living in a 3 bedroom house. The man with his wife his mother his 2 daughters one of the daughters freeloader boyfriends and the daughters and the freeloaders son... Their house is much smaller than us, no more than 1500 sq. feet. They are the loudest white trash ppl I have ever met. And you can't reason with the guy he just talks over you the whole time and you can't get more than 2 words in. I'm not an old lady or anything but I would LOVE to go outside and enjoy the peace and quiet.

We knew it was going to be a problem when we first met the guy. He came over and introduced himself and within 2 minutes of talking to the guy he tells us he has loads of money... But he rents... And has ****** cars... So I'm pretty sure he's a liar. Well he tells us his dog likes to dig into our backyard and tge ppl who owned the house before didn't care. I told him I did and that he is to fix the problem, but he blew me off. We have 2 labs a male chocolate named Hurley and a yellow female named Lola. Well not even a week after we moved in the neighbor dog digs and my dogs go under the fence to his side. I apologize and fill the holes even tho his god was the one who did most of the digging ( I know my dogs are in on this but he told me his dog is a digger and we never had this problem before) so a few weeks go by and the dogs keep going under the fence but his dog is helping!!! The neighbor REFUSES to help fill in the holes because my dogs are the ones going under, don't get me wrong I totally understand why he is upset and I'm not calling my dogs angels because their not, but if his dog is helping make the holes then help me put chicken wire in the ground so I flipped out one morning when he's ringing my doorbell at 7:30 on a saturday.

But there's more... They have a ****** Walmart above ground pool. Give me a break, get a real ******* pool or better yet buy your own damn house. And sence there's a ton of ppl living there there's always someone inviting friends over to swim in a Tupperware container, then there's the speakers. They play music EVERY time they are outside super loud and HORRIBLE Mexican music ( these ppl are white) then there's the daughter of the guy with her son, she is verbally abusive to this 3 year old little boy. It got so bad one day I almost called CPS because she was calling him every bad name you can think of all because he splashed her. I have contacted tho HOA the land loard the police when they throw parties late and I have only lived her a moth and a half. I'm going to keep at it untill they are evicted. Wish me luck, I have never disliked someone so much in my life...
CecileyKH CecileyKH
22-25, F
May 21, 2012