And The Damages Keep Coming...

I live in a 12 unit condo building, which is a converted Habitat for Humanity building (some of the homeowners are the old Habitat homeowners, some are market rate homeowners). I love my unit; its mortgage is affordable, and I have remodeled it and made it my own. Of course, the majority of the other people who live in this building are noxious human waste, and they make my life miserable.

The woman who lives above me moves furniture at all hours of the night - honestly, how often can you move furniture a 1 am? More egregiously, she has damaged my bathroom and unit with water damage on numerous occasions, and she refuses to have a professional come in and investigate the problem. Her husband makes up excuse after excuse and says he will look into it, but after finally threatening to sue her and negotiating with her insurance to get some repair money the last time, and having my bathroom redone and being forced from my unit for two weeks to have everything done, TWO DAYS LATER water runs down my wall and the process starts all over again. We spoke to them about it again - but more placating that they would look into it - yet nothing has been done and I have no idea what to do to force them to fix it and stop ruining my unit!

It has been three years of obese teenage children running across my ceiling, domestic disturbances at all hours of the night, water damage, and when I act as condo president to remedy any violations (broken windows, furniture dumping violations), she gets a chip on her shoulder and says I am just being mean to her and takes it personally! If I was being mean, I would slap a big old fine on her noisy num, and THAT would be personal.

If that wasn't bad enough, the people below who are renting the unit have packed about 15 humans into a 3 bedroom unit, and have no regard for anyone else in the building - just tonight, one of them forgot her keys, and laid on the buzzers for 10 minutes straight, then when someone let her in the building, she spent the next 5 minutes pounding on the door and yelling. I nicely asked her what was going on, and she (and 5 children in tow) said she forgot her keys, so I suggested she call the management company. No, she was just going to keep pounding, and I reminded her it was late on a Sunday night and she was disturbing the whole building. "Haven't you ever forgotten your keys?" She says in a huff. "Of course; but I don't spend fifteen minutes pounding on the door; I actually solve the problem and call someone." These are the same people who leave their trash next to the dumpster instead of putting it IN the dumpster, let their unit stink, and invite gang members into the building to put graffiti on the wood bannisters.

I love my unit, but I don't know what to do. The woman above has no regard for anyone else, and the tenants below don't care - they are renting and packing as many bodies in as possible. And worse, the other people in the building just don't care to do anything about making the rest of the building nice. As much as I love my unit, and I don't want to leave it, these people are driving me insane!
legaldiva legaldiva
Jul 23, 2012