Noisy Neighbour Nuisance

my neighbours moved in around three years ago into a big house that needed a bit of work, but not a hue job. they said they had 'great' plans for the house and that they were going to add bits to it and paint it and have solar panels installed and everything. we were glad at first that the house would finally look its true potential. but the following 2 years were not as we expected. first, he decided to do everything himself, so for 2 months he was digging minute holes in the ground everyday, hoping to achieve a hole big enough for a rain water pump. he then realized that he needed some help, so he decided to employ some builders. that's when the noise nuisance started. every day, the builders came, including sunday, and they drilled the whole day long. we could not go outside and relax in the sun, because next door, they were making so much drilling noise it felt like they were drilling a hole inside my head. the worst bit, though, was that one of the biggest exams in my life was coming up and i had to study for it, but i couldn't concentrate because they were making so much noise and i could even hear it from my room! that summer and the one after that were awful because if we went outside, all we could here was the frustrating sound of drilling. a whole load of dust was coming from next door as well, which made it unpleasant to breathe. one night, they were drilling until 22:00!!!! i have hated them since and the worst bit is that they haven't even said sorry.
their house looks like a pile of poop anyway, i dont know why they did so much work on it to make it look even worse then it did before.
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1 Response Aug 1, 2012

That sounds like a horrible situation. All that digging and drilling and all for nothing.

There are laws that you can only drill to a certain time, then you have the right to call the cops.