Do Something About Your Dog

I love dogs, but I don't love a dog that barks all the time. A year ago my neighbor brought home a puppy, presumably for his hunting trips and for his kids.
The first couple weeks it was all fun and playtime, and then the family vanished back indoors and the dog was left outside. They do have food and water out for it, but they leave it out for longer and longer spells.
In the winter it was a couple hours, and the neighbor told me the dog loved being outside -- basically he knows what he's doing doesn't look the best in terms of animal care.
Of course now it is out for even longer spells. The last few days it's been out for a good 8 or 10 hours at a time, easily. I never see the neighbors anymore. (I work at home.) The dog is young and hyper and needs to run and play. But it jumped the fence so they tied it up with a 10- or 12-foot long leash.
He still runs around and barks. Every sound -- a kid walking down the street, a neighbor coming home, another dog barks, a squirrel runs through another yard, and so on -- gets the dog barking. And he's a loud, chronic barker. It drives me nuts on several levels. One, I love animals, and I don't understand how a person would just want to dump their pet outside for hours on end, where he seems to get very little attention. And two, I'm sick of hearing the barking. I try to concentrate to write, and yap, yap, yap. I try to do a phone interview for a story, and I hear yap-yap-yap. Maybe I'm dwelling on it too much, but I try to ignore it, and then the yapping begins again and it drives me nuts. It's one thing for a neighbor's lawn service to come through and you know it's going to get loud with the weed whacker and lawn mower for a half-hour or so, but this is different. Quiet time has become the abnormal part of the day.
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Call the cops. They can issue tickets and eventually take the dog away. In Miami, FL owners get fined for having yappy dogs. They're very inconsiderate owners. My neighbors just got a dog (in a condo) and it barks at all hours.