Annoying Neighbors With Some Rude On The Side.

It has been almost a decade since we have been living beside the most dumb *** neighbors. My family and I are in a house and the country Klan lives in a conjoined apartment full of no one but their family members. For one there are about five children, and twenty grand and great grand children. And at the center of it all is the nosy *** dog devilsh *** grandmother who displays stupidity at its finest. This woman looks into out house, when guests come over she is nosy and proceeds to ask them annoying questions. Her children park in our parking space and on occasion I had to block them in so they could get the picture. Yet they still did the same dumb **** on occasion. As I said the old hag ***** is worse. I have always respected my elders but this ***** is pushing it. She is so nosy she will sit outside in nearly 100 degree heat like a fool just so she wont miss anything. One morning I walked out to my car and she proceeded to tell me that I was getting fat and I was as big as her house! I replied yes ma'am and just played it off. I was mad as *** by the time I got ready to go back in the house. I guess she then felt bad and said she was joking. Too late! I gave her ignorant butt a fake side smile and slammed the door behind me as she was facing our house. I wanted to cut her little *** up and bury her in the back yard. Since then I do not even initiate any greeting toward her, none. This morning she spoke to me, I looked said hey and hopped in my car. She was about to try to start a conversation and I immediately cut her evil *** short. Her bad *** great grand kids make all types of noise and cars are all over the place. They have parties and it feels like the whole city is parked in our area and sometimes you have to scream in order for them to move. I get sick of opening the door and looking in their faces. I can guarantee it will almost always be somebody there. I wish they would all move away together on a planet with no oxygen. In the meantime I know a real nice area they can go to instead, its spacious and hot on the market, and the landlord is devil. Hate those idiots, all of them go away!! I don't care how or why just leave. None of the other neighbors are like this, which is all the more reason why they should take a one way trip to visit their other family, lucifer and burn slowly.
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1 Response Aug 16, 2012

I can see this is really getting to you, my advice would be take a day to yourself to relax and get some reading done, visit your local government offices, speak with not only housing, property and code enforcement but the courthouse staff about noise ordinance in your city. Because there are rules to how many people can live in a single residence and how loud they can be also if their property isn't kept clean they can get in big trouble. when you find they are breaking laws (most likey the occupancy law) speak with somebody at the court or police department about enforcing the laws you believe are currently being violated. I promise a day off reading might sound boring but it'll be quite relaxing and enjoyible. Good luck to you

Thanks for the advice. I feel a lot better about it now anyways since I finally vented. Now, I can go on and ignore them. No worries :)