Trash Doesn't Always End Up In A Rubbish Can

I'm in my office listening to my neighbor's grand kids, nephews, nieces, etc etc scream up and down their driveway. It's 9 p.m. There are about 10 kids. None are over 6. And this is a house where daughter bought her mother the home....then moved in with her....and brought her son (24ish/unemployed/but rides a hella mean BMX, yo), daughter....and her sister lives there. At least 6 people in a two bedroom house. Ugh.


You all can relate to how utterly annoying inconsiderate asshats can be as neighbors, so there's no true need for me providing details -- they're basically the same that you all face, just in a different place, a different neighborhood.

I tell myself that this is better than what it used to be like. Kid parties that went until 3 in the morning or until the Bud ran out. Loud, thumping music that kept my daughter up. I never backed down from a confrontation with them -- after repeated attempts to be reasonable -- and started calling the police every single time it got out of hand. I never denied doing it; I owned up to it. Too bad the other neighbors who would call the police wouldn't do the same.

So *that* bit of trashy behavior stopped. Things actually have been relatively decent, but I think they're growing comfortable now. Instead of keeping their screeching demon spawn in the house (if it was summer or warmer, I'd probably not even be writing this), they turn them loose for the neighborhood to experience while eldest son plays gangster uncle and smokes on the porch and watches them.

I could go out there and fuss a bit, but it would just cause things to be ugly when they are, sort of, settling down. Plus, I just finished watching a "The Walking Dead" episode where someone tells someone else "don't talk, think."

So I'm not talking, I'm thinking. Out loud. Here.

And really hoping some zombies start strolling by.

lorigami lorigami
36-40, F
Dec 1, 2012