Where's The Justice?

During Hurricane Sandy that devastated my state, we were blessed to be virtually unscathed. Only no power for 8 days, and no information highway.  We lost only 1 tree.  It was a perimeter tree, about 35-40 feet tall.  It landed along the property line, almost completely on my property.  A few branches fell on the neighbors new fence.

Now if you read my other stories, you know that it took very much patience and money to fight the neighbor so that he would move his fence back to the propertly line relinquishing over 700' of our property.

Well, I apologized for the tree going down and damaging his fence.  I told him I would have it removed as soon as I could get tree service in the area.  Granted this would take some time as most tree companies were clearing roads, and removing trees from houses... more pressing needs.  In the meantime, I asked him if he cut any of the limbs to get it off the fence, that he didn't just toss them in our yard as we had $600 of new holly shrubs that I was trying to save from further damage.

After finally getting in touch with my insurance agent, they informed me that our insurance would not cover his fence.  It was the responsibility of his insurance.  I called him to discuss this.  He said he was already aware of that and asked if I would wedge something under the tree to try and releave the pressure/stress on his fence.  I did this as best as possible.  Now I think of myself as fairly fit.  But I can lift up a tree.  So I wedged a 2x4 under the branch that was on the fence as requested.

That Sunday, while I was out, my wife started texting me that he was cutting the branches on the tree with his young boys and tossing the debris/limbs over the fence.  Of course this got me pretty bowed up.  When I got home and saw what he did, albeit not that bad, I went to talk to him about what he was doing after I asked him not to.  I called out to him from the my side of his fence... "Hey Tony...come over here, I want to talk to you!".  He refused to come to the fence.  I said the same thing again except this time I added an expletive.  He still refused.  So then I said... "Fine, I'll come over there to talk to you".  I went through his fence gate and stood near the entrance.  Again I called for him to come the "f" over and talk to me.  He again refused.

So, I exited through his gate, and went back to my house.

He has since charged me with Trespassing and Harrassment.  The judge last night opted to move the case to mediation.  But he warned me if the mediation doesn't work in quelling the hostilities, and they try me for the charges, if I lose, I could face up to 6 months in prison.  WTF?!?!? You call this justice?  I guess I'm going to have to start kissing this guy's butt.

If I do get thrown in prison, I hope some of my friends will come and visit me.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

We got hit up by Sandy too, no power for 12 days, other than spoiled food, we got a few days off work and family time to clean up. Our neighbor, the ones we thought would have our back DID NOT LOSE power and when I asked if I could store some food in their empty apartment's fridge, the wife txted me that Home Depot had generators at 1,000 a pop! These same folks who asked my husband to cut the tree from their car with his power saw, asked for help with their broken window and over the years have asked for all kinds of help - not once have we asked them for anything in 15 YEARS! I WAS PISSED! I got over it and moved on. But Karma is what it is & I'm not surprised. When our elderly neighbor asked us if we needed help I could not contain myself and txted the wife what I thought and she tried to ambush me in my driveway to "talk". I told her I did not want to talk cause what I had to say, she did not want to hear. Right now I will look dead in their faces and not say SHYT. All that being said, people have a lot of shyt with them so don't be surprised by any of it cause most of it is BUllSHYT.