Once They Were Young Immigrants

When my Iraqi/ kurdish neighbours bought the house next door I was interested to know them and where they had come from. Apart from a major language barrier they seemed okay and we exchanged pleasantries, offering assistance,support and encouragement.
After their children attended primary school with my own kids, we were not close but were acquaintances. The parents became conspicuously absent on Saturday nights during the high school years, and there was a lot of loud swearing in public by the eldest boy, the 'F**' this and 'C**" and some pretty awful talk about women. I confronted the eldest boy and his group of friends one day and asked them to be quiet. It resulted in more car revving and swearing even more loudly on a regular basis outside my window.In other words, there was no consideration whatsoever or understanding of others.
The parties continued, the swearing became worse, the boys were little ***** and I guess will always be so. I have no respect for them or their parents. I think the parents abnegated their responsibilities and have given this community a big headache.
The eldest boy is vain and spineless and will party in our little urban suburb making a big noise when he knows I am a shift worker. His parents have not taught him any respect whatsoever for others. I get teary at night when the noise is on and I know I have to get up at 6am. sometimes 4:30 for a 6am start. I call police for noise complaints but they have priorities which I understand.
It is horrible. I can't express enough the hopelessness I feel at their disregard of common courtesy. It is now a half hour past midnight. The police were busy. The party has ended and the y have gone onto the oval to continue drinking. They dont know noise abatement starts at 10 pm not midnight. I dont think they pay tax.
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Send over anonymously of course, some big guys just to give him a stern warning.