Loud Neighbor Taking Tax Payers Money To Sit Around All Day.

Hello Everyone!
Anyway. This neighbor of mine is so so annoying. I keep praying to God to help me to love him and his family and even tried to "kill him with kindness" by inviting him and his girls over for a bbq. Needless to say THAT did NOT work.

I live in a fairly quite neighborhood and NEVER had a problem until now.
In the spring and summer I can't enjoy the beautiful weather because he(my neighbor) takes his speakers puts them directly out of his window thinking that me and my children want to listen to his crap with lyrics that ARE NOT in anyway suitable for children(i have 2 girls ages 19 months and 6 year old) Like HELLO do you think that I want to listen to your crap. Even if it was the type of music that I enjoy sometimes on these beautiful days all I want for me and my girls is peace and quite just to enjoy ourselves.

He invites his brothers, and friends over to his apartment and EVEY time they pull into the cul de sac I hear them and I'm well over 2 blocks away from it(guest that come in can sometimes have a hard time finding a parking spot)
They have no respect.

One day my daughter was listening to one of her movies at a respectable level and his brother sat outside our house with his car parked in a "no parking zone" with his music in full blast for at least 20 minutes. My husband and I both bolted out of our chairs because you could hear the ignorant jerks music WAY above my daughter's movie. I told him to turn it down he flashed me hi middle finger.
My neighbor who i adore heard it too. She too said wtf????!!!!!
What bothers me about this neighbor is he's so loud ALL OF THE TIME.

He constantly blasting his stereos and bass all hours of the night and day.

Last night i jolted right out of my sleep only to hear bang bang bang bang(this happens a lot) His music and bass was that loud it woke me up.(I'm one of those people who has a very hard time falling back to sleep again) Well, that apparently woke my daughter up because I could hear her walking around in the hallway.....not good.

And that's not the worst of it. In the state where I live in you can look up criminal records. And let me tell you I don't want this guy ANYWHERE near my daughters. He scares me. He has a very very violent history and his rap sheet is a very long history of violence.

What's even more disturbing is he lives in section 8 and he uses takes tax-payers money to feed his family and pay his bills while he sits on his butt all day playing games and listening to music. The state pays his lazy butt because "his back hurts" Yah OK my back hurts too. Right. STOP TAKING TAX PAYERS MONEY YOU LAZY GOOD FOR NOTHING JERK.

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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

You are not alone. I live in a small house and where I live the houses are pretty close. My next door neighbor lives right next to me and my sons bedroom. Every morning starting at 7am I have to hear the base of his music and it wakes me and my son up. He is always in his carport working on things and is so loud all day and night. I tried asking him nicely to stop making so much noise because it wakes up my son but that didnt help. Then I tried a firmer approach and he told me to kiss his ***. I want to move or him move I cant take this anymore!!!!

I pay our bills to feed my family with the money my husband makes and let me tell you it's really tight but at least we don't use tax payers money to do it.(I'm a stay at home Mom but you might as well call me a run around Mom because that's all I do is run around to get my daughter to kindergarten because where I live public kindergarten doesn't offer bus transportation)

You really can't speak on someone using taxpayers money!! You don't even have a job and stay at home mom does NOT count!!!! My sister is a single mother with TWO jobs to support herself and kids since her divorce. Don't be a hypocrite!! Being a parent is hard for everyone but does NOT count as a job!

You must not have any children yourself because being a stay at home mom is the most rewarding JOB there is. I cook clean take care of my very active toddler and while i enjoy doing these things it is still hard work. So do not try to act self rightous because your sister has to work 2 jobs. That does not make you or her better than anyone else you are the one who is a hypocrite.

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