Low Class Trashy Neighbors

I can't stand the neighbors. They are low class uneducated people and their kids are savages. The husband is a construction worker and is never home. The woman is a housewife that lets her kids run crazy. They put on their annoying music so loud that I can hear it everywhere in my house with all the windows closed! It is way too loud. My friend asked them to turn it down a little (at 10 am on a weekend...when people are trying to sleep)....
my friend: "can you turn it down just a little because we can hear it really loud in our house"
the trashy woman: "why?"
my friend: "someone is sick and trying to rest"
the trashy woman: "i'll try"

Her dirty little kids run crazy and splashed water on my newly washed car... kicked soccer balls at it etc. Her kids make so much noise I can't take a peaceful nap in the day anymore!
Now her little snot nosed kids are outside throwing cans at things. WTF?!?!? So I went outside to see what they are doing.....
me: sitting there watching the kids and my car
the trashy woman: "you have some kind of problem?"
me: ??????

WTF?!?!? Why are they throwing beer and redbull cans at random things like houses, and the sidewalk. Should I even have to explain the problem to her? I NEED TO GET A NEW PLACE....FAST!!!
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2013

I feel your pain!! We also have very low class uneducated "people" next door to us. I really think they are drug dealers on top of their obvious drug usage.

I feel your pain my neighbors are very trashy too..They have 2 kids that cps is always dropping by to check on and they can barely speak English because they have such a strong redneck "accent". Anyways their kids aren't bad kids they just ask me for things all the time and it gets a really annoying sometimes (I guess it's because their family neglects them so much). I just hope they decide to go to college when they are older and not to stray down the same path as their failure parents even know it most likely will happen to them too :(