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Cop-happy Neighbor

My neighbor across the street calls the cops on us a bunch of times. My husband has a band & they practice in my living room twice a week. Yes it gets loud but we've been in the neighborhood 6 years longer than they have and nobody ever called the cops on us. My husband grew up just around the corner & they used to practice at his parent's house and nobody has ever gotten so cop-happy as these ones. We have an agreement with all the neighbors, including the ones in question, that we won't practice past 8pm. The local noise ordinance says 10pm. When anybody else has any problem they come to tell us or call and we're always cool. These ones across the street just calls the cops on us like we're a bunch of criminals. Last Sunday afternoon we had a practice and they called the cops on us again. Not only that, later on I found out from my mom-in-law (who still lives around the corner) that as she was pushing my baby nephew in his stroller for a walk the neighbor wife came out and yelled at her, telling her that it's a nice neighborhood & we ruined it, that it's Sunday & that it's a holy day & how they don't even let her kids watch TV on Sunday & we're playing music, blablabla. What, so the rest of us can't do **** on Sunday either? When other neighbors have backyard parties on the weekend with music we don't complain, and when it's our turn they leave us alone. Except for these morons. And we're not even the only band in the neighborhood. Never mind that their kids start screaming at 7 in the morning & they got 4 of them & they have a loud-*** parrot. Too bad they can't move since they bought the house when prices were way inflated and they can't sell it now for what they paid for it so they're stuck with us "heathens" for a while.

kittyarmy kittyarmy 31-35, F 3 Responses Sep 15, 2008

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Hello. first off I'd like to say I'm sorry that this is happening and in no way am against you practicing. However, I just feel that maybe you could reconsider a different place to "keep the peace. "
I'm not trying to be rude and I understand your situation, however just because you've been their for 6 years longer than her doesn't mean that you have anymore rights than what she has.
And just because she's moved in doesn't give her the right to just act like she is in charge of everything and everyone. To live peacefully with each other there needs to be some sort of "happy medium" and it needs to come from both of you. Try to compromise.

And depending on where you live even if it's during the day it's disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct and the laws are the laws no matter how long you've lived there.

Maybe he could try and find a more appropriate spot to play or practice.

And just because nobody's ever called the cops on you doesn't mean that they were not annoyed somehow or someway.
People have different ways of dealing with things. What one person does might not be the same as another.

Maybe others complained, but you just never heard it. ;)

I understand that you want to practice and have a right to do so but please understand and respect her and her family. She needs to respect you and your family as well;) . You are not the only one living on this planet and neither is she. Unfortunately we must all live with each other whether we like it or not.

Maybe she was just trying to enjoy a peaceful Sunday afternoon who knows.

Maybe you could just try to try* key word talk to her and see if that helps. Try to invite her over for tea. "Kill her with kindness" and while she's over peacefully come to some sort of compromise without calling the cops every time.

my neighbor called the cops on me!!!! My neighbor and i dont get along to say the least! she is older im 35 she complains about EVERYTHING!!! We have borde meetings every now and then and at the last one i lade into her something feirce!!! She walked out! Few days later she had the nerve to call me white trash threw my open window and i jumped up and went outside she closes thr door and locks it!!! She had to come out to move her car because a friend of mine who never comes over came by and parked in her spott! instead of being a normal person and parking in her 2nd spot or the other 5 spots that were open she parks behind him and blocks him in! Ending up with her car almost getting hit by another friend pulling in around a blind corner! So she comes out from her hole and moves her car, i get nose no nose with her blocking her from getting into her house and said" call me white trash now" she was a mouse! i repeated myself 4 times or so finally she said your not worth it and monovered around me! i told her i might be white trash but at least im no PU**Y! Then she called the cops, i wasnt even home. cop says i cant do anything about name calling have a nice day byeBy!

Have you considered a "Cease and desist" order (I think that's what it's called)? That will shut them up. I know what you mean though because I live right next to the worst police calling jacks I have ever seen in my life. They need to get a life, hobby, or something. What throne are they on LOL. I thought we had some rights in this country, so how can people like that take them?