My Neighbor Hates Animals!

I have been living here for a little over a year now, and my neighbor has become more hateful over time. He is the only person in my neighborhood that I don't get along with. He has junk all over his yard collecting who knows what kinds of animals and he has hit my other neighbors dog intentionally! I also have dogs and I am scared to let them out when he is at home because I have seen him try to kick my dogs before! This guy is so miserable that since I have been living her his wife has divorced him and moved. To bad she didn't keep the house, because she is a really nice person. Yesterday he ran over another dog and killed it right in front of my house! I have 2 small children and I'm scared to let the go outside to play because he has yelled at them in the past if they have gotten to close to his property. We have called the police in the past but it only helps for a little while then he's right back at his bad behavior! What do I do? Is there any help for me?

bonnie81 bonnie81
3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

This guy sounds like a ****.I wouldn't let your dog go NEAR this guy if I were you.Just my opinion, but I would call animal control next time he does something to hurt an animal.

A dog should NEVER be allowed to roam free he has the right to be pissed that you let your dogs do whatever. There's a reason there are leash laws. Get over yourself and get a fence.

Sorry, I have lived by way too many dog owners like you. Why do you think your neighbors should have to put up with YOUR dogs? A good dog owner will have his dog fenced in, for it's own sake and for the neighbor's..