My Neighbor Makes Me Crazy

Me and my boyfriend recently bought our first home together in the neighborhood next to the one he grew up in.  I thought it would be great it was my dream 1st house, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, big yard, swimming pool, not too bad for a poor girl from the wrong side of town.  It is near our families (but not too close) and our good friends live on our street.  Bliss right? WRONG! Our next door neighbor came over the day we were moving in and informed us that our land was surveyed incorrectly and that she owned most of our property and planned to let us know it.  No welcome basket and warm hello to say the least.  She has continued to harrass us weekly if not daily even coming to our front door screaming at us to stop cutting our lawn which she claims is her's!  We got an attorney and are working on getting a new survey but according to her our deed is wrong, though she has no actual proof to that and we are crazy.  I am not giving up my land unless she has the proof it is her's but she is making my life a living hell.  It was 90+ degrees here all summer but we haven't used our pool for fear of being harassed while on the property she even agrees is ours.  I have never hated anyone I didn't really know so much.  I don't even like to go on our deck or in our yard because it's not worth hearing her mouth.  I am a prisoner in my own home.  The sad thing is we don't even go on the grass she claims is hers and were working it out with our attorney. Why does she insist on verbally harassing us every time we see her! Sorry to vent but I had to get it out.  I can't take much more of this.  So much for the american dream of owning your first home....
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I live the same! 4 years of verbal abuse, threatening at times. Ugh I just had a fight again today. I have police reports with the city reports after her calling LNI on me for nothing a bunch of times. I wish she would just die !! I plan on during her for 4 yrs of harassment and mental damage. I now have problems with depression and suicide thoughts because of her. I shouldn't have to live this way. So yes girlfriend I feel you on this topic!

I am also a prisoner in my home. My neighbor harasses me, follows me. Her kids call me names every time I go outside. I never use our pool for fear of being harassed. I don't have guests over. I live a nightmare. The only relief I have ever gotten is the short periods of time right after the police warn her away from me. It started when I asked her to stop blasting me with her stereo and asked her to keep her kids from tearing up my garden. I would like to get a restraining order but I fear the direct contact.

If that ***** knocked on my door and said "All your land is technically my land." I'd laugh in her face then flip her off and slam the door in her face. I feel like what your neighbors problem is that she probably gets some sort of power high from saying "This land is my land! You can only do things on it when I say so!" even though she probably has no ownership.

Honestly, my advice, is to tell that ***** to **** off, honestly. Next time she tries to tell you to do anything, ignore her, point and laugh at her, treat her like she's the neighborhood joke and her "I own everything!" attitude will shrink due to her inability to get a power high from telling you what to do since you don't care and/or won't listen.

If all else fails, punch that ***** in the face ;)

You need to go crazy back at her...Act like she does but only crazier!!! Make her think that she just bit into the most sour piece of pie so she never tries it again! That's my advice and it works for personal experience. My neighbor was the same way and my neighbors were so terrified of her like you are but when I moved in she met her match and now she won't even talk to me anymore...Not to mention my neighbors got a big kick out of watching someone go crazy back at her :)

I totally flip out on her and scare the mess out of her. Act crazier that the crazy person and she'll leave you alone. I can't stand folks who crave attention. Peace.

That is so sad. If it were me I woulad have called the cops and got help with getting her to leave you two alone. I hope that things are under control by niw and the two of you get to enjoy your pool.

Oh and one more thing that I didn't think of, if she pulls the "It's a free country" excuse my advice is best comeback to that "yes, it's a free country but harassment is both a finable and arrestable offense." (depending on your states laws, and severity of the harassment, first offenses probably will be warnings, continued calls will be fines for who the police side with, and she'd have to provide proof to the cops of her claims)

I like most the responses here about give her a taste of her own medicine but I have a parent who was a drama queen who goes out of her way to be the victim, it sounds like she's goating you I would do as many have said get a lawyer and survey the property and see if there is any of her property that you actually own... then without causing a scene go over to her property and provide her a copy of the correctly survey'd proof and let her know she should have that for her reccords in the future make sure you have a witness with you and leave, be polite and don't go down to her level... if she doesn't realize her little game is up then you can file harasment

THE REVERSAL: if you actually own part of her property you can respond in kind, you'd probably not be very surprised to learn how many people claim "I own most your property" when their own property is majority owned by those who they harass, see how much of hers you own... if it covers a section of the house, speak with somebody in property management in your local city government offices and see if you'd be able to sell the land on her side of the fence that is hers, offer a what you deem fair amount for her property to her, if she doesn't buy out right away start making alterations to her property like planting annoyingly bright flowers that are known allergy irritators, if she removes them contact your local police department have them take a statement from you both and go after her for destruction of property, make sure if it comes down to suing in court that your lawyer and judge both know you offered a fair price and sought to provide her the oppertunity to buy what land is on her side of the fense that you own.

good luck dealing with her, just make sure at all times when you argue with her you have a witness and request her proof of her claims every time until she has proof of this, politely request she remove herself from your property

I feel your pain! Here I am in bed crying to myself cause I'm holding in all this frustration and sadness! I feel like a prisoner in my own home! I hate my neighbor! She is an 80 year old woman who lives alone and gets her kicks on verbally harassing me! She even has flipped off my 8 year old daughter! When I reported it to the police, they agreed with me that she is mentally ill and she belongs in a home but it is a free country and freedom of speech gives her the right to yell whatever she wants to me, my husband and our daughter! I don't go outside in the back yard cause we have a chain link fence and we have no privacy! I hate going outside and it makes me sooooo sad:-(.......I don't know what to do! I'm so sad and so tired of living like this!

i feel your pain!!!! i rent and they let all kinds of {i will call them people} if im have to!!! they make all kinds of noises !!!! banging on walls, dropping things on the floor all hours of the day and nite!!!! have complained but to no good!!! the landlord only cares about rent!!! they dont do anything!! i take matters into my own hand!!! everytime they make a noise, i make one right back at them. i blast my tv!!!!! i really hate those people!!!! THEY SAY DO ONTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU SO I DO UNTO THEM LIKE THEY DO TO ME!!!!!! you cant be nice to some so called people!!!!

have your lawyer give her the correct info of the property that belongs to you video tape her harrasing you take it to court and the judge will fix her for good live your life dont let her stop you from enjoying your property put survailance on your property that will keep her from destroying any of your belongings.

First of all, don't apologize for venting. That's what we're here for! Secondly, read my post about my awful neighbor. I think you may be able to relate. I totally pictured my neighbor when I read your story. I'm so sorry you feel invaded and harassed. I can relate.

I would file harassment charges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How did your ordeals end? Or is it over yet? I am in similar situation, and this woman is harassing my mother and I verbally and physically. I only see her occasionally due to my busy schedule, and the down side to that is frequency is too far apart spread for police to take it seriously. I don't know if I have to be shot before this psycho gets checked into a mental health facility

I feel for you, the police have been called, CPS has been called and noone helps. You would think with mine that since sexoffender crimes have such a high recidivism rate that they would at least be worried about the children

ya neighbors suck ,I have white trash that live next door to me,the kids are in there 30s never leave the house ,the mothers on some kind of prozak or something ,they have a cape and 15 people all with cars parking all over the block,partying till 4am in the morning,no respect for themselves or any neighbors

There's nothing worse then white trash.the leeches of the earth and scum of the universe.

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! to that!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, remember to keep a log or record of Lil Miss Landowner's behavior--video cameras might help! Hopefully she'll fall off a ladder while doing windows and break her neck

If you have proof that the land is indeed yours by via attorney---tell this hag next time she pops out of her house that you are calling the police (have you done this?) and filing harrassment charges. That if she continues to act like she is on Meds, you will keep filing charges until the County steps in to take her off to Happy Acres Mental Hospice. Enough is Enough! Unfortunately you may have to watch your back but use your land! Use your pool! This women is a insane bully and NEEDS to be shoved to the ground!

Either:<br />
1 Call the police every time she yells at you. <br />
2 Keep a video camera handy and record these crazy rants, then submit them to the police.<br />
3 Keep the garden hose on and spray her like a naughty cat every time she opens her mouth.

I'd suggest the next time she comes over blabbing her ugly mouth.. You have to fight fire with fire. Call the cops every time she harasses you. This will establish a good paper trail of complaints. You live in a society that loves law suits.. Once you have established a good heap of complaints, get in touch with your lawyer and file grievance, stress, loss of work.. just milk it for all its worth and sue her for it. When she sees the mud hole she stepped in, she might feel less huffy puffy like the marsh mellow man on crack, I presume shes a crazy lady. You need to get mad and fire back.. people tend to pipe it down quite a bit when they are faced with losing money over stupidity.

Don't feel bad Im in a similiar situation. I have a neighbor that has nothing better to do then to ask my family stupid questions constantly when I'm not around.

Don't feel bad Im in a similiar situation. I have a neighbor that has nothing better to do then to ask my family stupid questions constantly when I'm not around.

Don't feel bad Im in a similiar situation. I have a neighbor that has nothing better to do then to ask my family stupid questions constantly when I'm not around.

To quote Hunter S. Thompson, "I've found the American dream and the dream is a nightmare."<br />
<br />
Owning a house is something I wish I'd never gotten myself into.

It is my understanding there cannot be a sale of property without a proper survey of the land involved duly plotted and recorded with the proper authorities.<br />
<br />
If the land at one time was hers and was consequently sold without a survey it is assumed that she made no claim. When it was resold to you are the legal owner. I am amazed that you have not contacted your real estate agent regarding her assertions. It was their responsibility to assure a clean transaction.<br />
<br />
Contested property lines must be settled before the final closing on the property . If she had a claim to that property at one time and did not defend it then she is simply out of luck.<br />
<br />
If she continues to make your life a living hell the authorities must be made aware of her behavior. I would suggest that if a camcorder is available when these occurrences happen, record them as concrete proof for a possible court action.<br />
<br />
One does not have to live in this situation you describe and the woman is obviously mental ill and could be possibly dangerous. I personally would not tolerate this wnd submit the issue first to to the police claining harrasment and then take the issue to the courts.

I went to the county and township and the property is indeed ours as well as on the deed (filed with the county) she is insane and has no proof. The worst isn't losing the land but the harassment.

I would go look at the public information on the County or city site before I paid a lawyer.<br />
Also it should have been a realestate persons duty to disclose anything like this. If in fact she is right then get a lawyer and sue the realestate person that sold the place and also the previous owner. good luck

get a restraining order