She's So Nice... Oh, Wait, Not Anymore.

My family has lived next to the "Johnsons" for more than a decade. They were great neighbors. My little sister was friends with their son through elementary school.

A few years ago, "Mrs. Johnson" divorced "Mr. Johnson." So "Mrs. Johnson" has had a couple of new boyfriends after the divorce.

She is currently with her second boyfriend, "Joe."  I am absolutely astounded  at how much she has changed  since she got with this guy...  she went from this sweet woman to this crazy old lady that screams at anyone who LEGALLY parks in front of her house! They both have been harassing my family / our visitors. Literally screaming sometimes. It's unbelievable. This jerk "Joe" has turned "Mrs. Johnson" into a rude neighbor.

We don't normally park our cars in front of their house, and if we do, it's not like our driveway is empty. We only park there if we have to, or if visitors have to. The public state-owned street... with PLENTY of room on the other side of their driveway entrance. There are only two people living in the Johnson house. And they love to park their cars on the street on weekends when they know we expect visitors sometimes! It's insane! Be courteous and use your precious newly-paved driveway!

It's such a shame. We used to love the "Johnsons." Now we're up to our eyeballs in "rude neighbor" incidents.
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4 Responses Nov 10, 2007

wait.... I'm having trouble picturing this issue.... do you not have a section of street infront of your home or are you in a duplex? I'm not siding with your neighbor at all.... just having trouble understanding here is the spot on the street infront of your own home taken?

It is extremely rude to park in front of other peoples house. Just doing it because it is legal and because you can makes you the jerk, not her. She may not own the street , but she pays taxes on that frontage, so why don't you show some respect.

You would never trade our neighbors. They had us under constant surviellance. Looked for reasons to have us arrested, 4 times for nonsense, suing us for our property being higher than theirs, followed us, etc. We had to leave our home of 16 years and rent a place to live. Now we cannot even sell our home. Neighbors from hell, well, I got a best selling novel on my hand.

This sounds like the witch I live next to. She is such an angry old woman!,She told the Millbury,MA police that she was afraid of me and today added 1 more year. to a restraining order. I'm a teacher and had just gotten home from school when the police pulled into my driveway and gave me this ridiculous news. She shines 4 floodlights @my house every night. Did you know that is legal? I'm @ my wits end but I'll be damned if she gets the last laugh!,

Sorry! Ireally hope it gets better, hugs,livingwell