Im Not Even Aloud To Use My Speakers.

A while back when I was at my elementary school yard sale thing I came across some speakers I had been eyeing the the whole time my teachers/principal had noticed and rewarded them to me for helping out since my grandmother was part of the pta at that point in time. Im now a sophmore in highschool and I still have them yet now I live with my father in his apartments even the slightest rumble from the subwoofer sets my neighbors off and he begins stomping on my ceiling (his floor) even though its the afternoon I do not use them at night and its at a appropriate volume. Though I understand it can be annoying I really wish I knew the noise ordinance. I wish some people were more easy going its not like Im telling on him for having a pet dog when we have a strict no furry pets policy. Even though his dog is a ankle biter with the normal small dog syndrome.
randomness79 randomness79
18-21, M
Feb 2, 2012