Across the Street

I have neighbors that moved in across the street from me this year during the summer. They always sit out on thier front porch and you can hear them argue. Now I live in a nice and quiet neighborhood and most of my neihgbors are old people or middle aged (nicest people you have ever met). Now the people across the street are shady in my opinion. Recently I had my tool box stolen from me out of the back of my trunk. For one it's my fault for leaving them there in the first place. But I think the neighbors across the street took them but it's just a suspision of mine. I filed a report the day after and hopefully I'll get my tools back.

Anticleia Anticleia
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 2, 2008

I going through the same type of thing. I love my street...mostly older folks. However, I live at the center of white-trashery. Both of my neighbors (across the street & next door to me) have had their toilet on the lawn recently. I asked the guy connected to me what was going on. His reply was, "My bad. I was cleaning it." What does this mean???? Their all junkies, and the cops refuse to do anything. My wife and I are at our breaking point.