My Nose

My nose is the ugliest part of me.. I dont feel pretty with it.. Everyone tells me it looks okay.. but i dont see what they see..its ugly and it just looks strange on my face..
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I know the kind of thing you mean. In my memory, nobody has ever criticized my nose but me. I don't mind so much having a big nose, but what i hate the most is the shape, although the size doesn't help...
I kind of just feel like when god created me, he just threw it onto my face & said, ''that will do the job'', & just left it at that. There's no art to it in my eyes, & i hate that. And i also think it looks strange on my face too, but mainly just from my profile.
I think big noses are extremely endearing on both guys & gals, but just not on me because i don't think the shape is right.
Obviously i don't know what it is about your nose that you hate, but you don't have to say what it is if you don't feel comfortable :). I won't judge you, though.

I feel really let down & embarrassed by my nose because i think it looks okay from the front, & i also think my face is beautiful in its' own way from the front, too, but then i see my profile & i get so ashamed of my nose & how all my other features work with it (or better put, against it).
I don't really know why i am telling you all of this, i guess i'm just in such a panicky mood about how i look..
But let me tell you this, quirky noses are extremely endearing to me, even if they're not big.

Well i don't like the bridge of my nose.. That's what it is i really hate.. I think i look okay from the front too.. But from the side i look really bad.. so i leave the sides on my hair really long so that you cant see it from the side.. But it isn't covering my face so i can still see too..

Do you mind me asking what it is about the bridge of your nose that you don't like? It's okay if you don't want to :)
I have never in my life seen someone with an ugly nose-bridge. Whether it is really flat, somewhere in between, or actually protrudes more than the rest of their nose. I can't help but think they all look awesome, especially flat or protruding ones! (I hope i make sense).
When i see the sides of my face, i also wish i could hide it, but the truth is that it looks better when it seems i don't hate it & want to hide it. A face appears so much more beautiful when it seems the person is wearing it with some kind of pride, even if it is a case of 'fake it until you make it'. But i know the thought of wearing your features with pride is probably a very daunting one, but it's okay to take your time. I know what you'll think when i say this, but i suspect that your nose is more than just 'okay', & it is actually very beautiful & even endearing (i hope that didn't sound creepy!).
Today, i saw a very pretty girl with a 'beak-like' nose, & i was honestly a little jealous!