I Hate My Nose!help Me

Hi everyone!im jason from psl,FL.im 14 years old and 'i hate my nose.'i think it started to grow in 6th grade cause that was the 1st time i heard tell me i had a big nose.its 1 1/2 inches long and i can stick 2 fingers inside.it really scares me how long it is.no other kid in my school has a nose like mine.ive been told like probably 15 times i have a big nose.everytime i look at it,i wanna rip off half of it off.i have it because im half french and my family used to smoke.ill admit i look like a crackhead in some pictures.i want a nose job but people tell me itll make it worse or it might fall off one day.i LOVE this girl in my school named mary mulholland.shes is the most beautiful person ive ever seen and we have about everything in common,but she doesnt like me much and that facts been haunting me since i started liking her which was the start of 7th grade.im in 8th grade now.in life i want to have a small nose,be a rockstar,be married to a beautiful girl like mary,have kids,and have good times all the time.i never had a girlfriend before.but my life is a lot more bad than that.i had a dad who selled drugs and was in jail all the time when i was younger and he abused a little but i had a lot of seizures and my mom left him and took me too.she fell for a cool guy named shawn ali who is one of my heroes.my brother is mentally disabled and almost died a few years ago.anyway i just need advice or something.

bignoserockerkid14 bignoserockerkid14
13-15, M
Mar 3, 2010