How To Defeat A Nosy Neighbor

Nosy neighbors might actually turn out to be your cheapest and best house alarm system! Keep them interested in watching your home and get on good terms with them! I have had neighbors stare at my shopping bags trying to make-out every item from the vague forms they see. When I do any work on my house suddenly all the neighbors need a plumber, electrician, Carpenter and would like to see the work that the workmen I called in had done in my house! Heck, they know when I am out and when I get back in and they miss me when I am away.

I deal with nosy neighbors by befriending them and being especially transparent with them about my life. I put on a tone of voice which says "I know you are dying to know", and I tell them what I have been up to. I do not get defensive. That just encourages the nose more but not to your advantage. I provide answers to their questions even before they ask, and look confident and comfortable with who I am and what I do.
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That's actually a really cool idea. <br />
I've been burgled multiple times, so a nosy neighbor like that is probably a excellent and free security system.

That's a really good idea, and a smart way of making the best of a difficult situation.