When I was 8 in grade to I met a girl who was very annoying. Then one day she called me over for a play date (I regret asking her to be best friends) so I asked to be best friends. In grade 3 about 19 students in grade to moved to another school. we had a choice. I moved cause my friend in grade 1 was going and we where really close. in grade 3 we dint really know each other but we were pretty good friends. we had sleep overs and stuff then there was the parents. when it was an ice cold winter day we had hot chocolate. then the parents said oh have as much marsh mellows as you want so she put like 20! of them in hers I had 2 in mine then the mom said "um are kids don't eat like that and since you broke our rules get out!" then we had a sleep over we stayed up till 5 and she promised she would not tell her parents what does she do she tells her parents and she said if we do that again we cant have sleep overs any more. and she was crazy about webkinz and all she ever wanted to do when she was over play stupid webkinz! a few months later it was grade 4 and when we see each other again all she does is braig braig braig! examples: OH I WENT TO MEXICO I GOT THIS AND THAT! and I wanted to burst out a kill her! then a knew girl was in our class and my friend started talking and playing with her more! I had no friends really cause I was really fat then. it was grade 5 I was skinny and pretty and I changed. my friend started wacking home with me I was very exited then later I found out all she ever wanted to do was play minecraft! in November a knew girl came and I was a bit nervous the first week. she lived in alberta. then the 2nd week she was here we became the best of friends! I was there for her her family accepted me! and she did not ignore me! in the middle of the year people said rumors about her then I stopped that cause it was a bullying rumor! then one day at a pool party she said the sweetest thing to me! she said im always there for her then she said im an amazing friend and that day we planned our future! we are going to be chefs!! or teachers but for sure well live in the same house! then there was a big camp that me my old mean friend and 2 other girls. the 2 pre camps with one of them was a nightmare and I found my friends watch that she was winning about and she dindt say thank you! I feel like a slave around her! and the older girls and leaders where the worst. then the big camp we broke up. and trust me she is a rich braiging piece of s***! but im lucky to have a friend like kas (the new girl from nov)
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I think you are old enough now and certainly it has been long enough you can forgive your ex-best friend for acting like a child. She was a young child then. Provided of course you have told us your correct age, you are a young woman now.
It is time to let go of old hurts and enjoy today and your wonderful new friend. There is no reason you have to be pals with the old friend if she still rubs you the wrong way but you do need to forgive and get over it. Other wise the anger will sour you.

Yes I know I just wanted to share this experience this is my last year in elementary school and I'm going to middle school and I cant wait to make knew friends