So I'm behind on telling you guys a lot. My brother and I both managed to get a job at the same time. Well he probably just lost his 3 months after having it. My sister made him a deal just to try to get him to get job, that he can grow 3 pot plants off the property that he can never bring it in the house. As of course it would put the property at risk if anyone had ever found it and could prove it was his. Our parents are buried on this property. It seems like since my parents have passed he's done everything in his power to put it at risk. He went to a party and stole 2 hand guns and brought them in the house, and today my first day I haven't worked and the entire house smells like pot. He says he's just drying it, which my sister never even agreed too. But I know its bullshit as last few days I've came home he's been beyond high. He even got pulled over not too long ago and busted him for possession, he has court soon. And just recently my sister had to move out to go to school so she's only home on the weekends, but she expects me to help Baby Huey. He is supposed to be in charge of paying light bill, and I'm supposed to pay internet and phone. But it looks like I'll end up doing food and light bill and going without internet because I'm doing it on my own. I'm beyond done with him and have been since before our parents passed. He makes it sooo much harder, we didn't even get our time to grieve properly because we were having to worry about the money and everything else he was stealing from us. Makes me wish even more I could just talk to my parents to ask them what the hell I'm supposed to do anymore..
ButterflyGirl9521 ButterflyGirl9521
18-21, F
Aug 30, 2014