My Older Sister Is A C Word.

19 months apart means going to the same schools and knowing the same people. Which resulted in me not being allowed to interact with her friends and her using me as the butt of a joke every chance she got. As we got older it got a little more civilized. Lately, her true, hateful colors have been showing more. She's back to making fun of me in front of anyone and everyone, which wouldn't bother me if someone other than myself would stick up for me. She only speaks with me if she needs my help with something, usually physical like moving for the fifteenth time. I've never met anyone as manipulative as her and spent many hours in therapy dealing with the fact that she will never change her behavior towards me or others. I'm starting to not feel any love for her, and that hurts my heart.
JessicaSalter JessicaSalter
Jan 15, 2013