My Parents Are So Good That I Hate Them

i have never been a good child to my parents i hate them the life they created for me , they left me  and know they accepted me , when they left me they loved at that time too i was a bad kid and i m growing worse day by day i beat them when i m angry for leaving me and creating a hell in my life that i will never be able to marry or love someone because of them, nor i could study because of them they do all my work i m completely l;azy making me useless, but i don't wanna stay with them i want to escape there goodness for a person like me make me to hate myself and i m tired of hating myself and also they donb't understand the pain i face everyday with my life i wanna kill myself but they think i m joking or are careless in all matters, i wanna escape from my home away from my home where someone can really love and care fore me....but still i love them cause i destroyed their money still they want for my good then anyone in this world i know for sure but i wanna be alone in my pain , really i wanna bear my pain all aloneeeeeeeeee

i m sorry mummy and papa for u have such a bad child like me i m sorry for what i am
evilkilllingme evilkilllingme
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3 Responses Jun 27, 2011

i can relate to that, and im sure it's hard. <br />
idk, maybe i'd try again. even hopes are nowhere to be found. that or i'll wait for chances. ..or motivation from a person, or something else that at least will make think i have to do it. anyway, i wish you'd be alright.

hmm nice suggestion but what if i tried always and end up doing worse then before

hhm, you know. people do change. don't give up on yourself that easy, you've plenty of time to think about those you've yet to. all you need is the will of doing so. of course, im the one to talk