You Hate Me Since Im Growing Up?

I have been convinced for some time now that my parents just plain hate me. They are always telling me that I am nasty, and rude, and that I have no personality. I feel like I am always being asked for money by my Mom. I mean $25 a week is not a lot of money to give them, but I earned that money, and I pay for my own books for school, my own gas for my car, which I bought because my Dad forced me to buy it. (Its a 1990 Nissan, and there are always problems with it). I just wish that they could realize that the reason why I am so eager to work 10 hour shifts at my job is to just get away from them.

I used to do all the cleaning, in my house. I did the laundry, the sweeping, moping, dusting, cutting the grass, taking care of our dogs, etc. yet my brothers would constantly get away with doing nothing at all. They would still ask me for the $25 a week, meanwhile I have been doing all of this plus landscapping in our backyard, and my brother would just give them $25 a week. How is this fair?

I feel like my parents hate my girlfriend. I am so happy when I am around her. We have been dating for two years now, and I think they believe they are losing me. Which they will if they dont start to talk to me like an adult. They say that my girlfriend is moody and that when she comes over she just puts her head down and doesn't talk to anyone, I told my mom that maybe if she would stay up past 9pm, (when we get home form work) that maybe we would talk to her.

Another thing that ****** me off about my parents is that whenever I need to talk to them they are always too busy. My mom is always on the phone, and never has time to talk to me, and my Dad never helps me with my problems. He creates more problems. He would force me to say home. He says that I do not spend enough of time at home, but when I am off from work they are always busy.

I feel like I am no longer loved by my parents and I feel like it is time for me to move on, and its sad that I feel like I can not talk to them anymore. I just can not take it anymore.

Please someone help me out by talking to me about this. I can't do this on my own.
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

You are not nasty<br />
You are not rude<br />
You certaintly don't have a lack of personality<br />
You are someone who undertakes more than their fare share of household chores and also manages to go to school and hold down a job. <br />
If your parents are also taking money from you it makes them no different than a 'landlord' . If your father forced you to buy a car you didn't want to that was emotional and financial abuse. The fact that they just complain at you and don't have the time to spend to talk to you clearly reflects the level level of interest they have in your well being ... which sounds pretty low. <br />
To pass critical judgement on your girlfriend is insensitive, meddling and and not something you should put up with.<br />
You do not need their approval or their consultation. You sound more of an adult than they by far. You are multi-tasking a large number of responsibilities with next to no complaint. Depedant on your age and personal sitiuation, if you can move out, you should. If you can't right now, then plan to. It will give you hope particularily when it feels very dark with them. You do not need this or them. What you are thinking and feeling is not wrong, it is not bad and it is NOT uncommon. Please believe me I have been there. <br />
Good luck, you will be fine.

in your situation you should show them that you are ADULT and at least try to talk about the problem showing your respect and concern<br />
Tell them that YOU are the person that copes with all his duties while THEY don*t even bother talking to you about your problems.I am sure you will work it out...