I Don't Understand...

All my life I have put my parents and sister first before myself. I've witnessed mental and physical abuse that my father put my mother and I in. I sacafice my childhood to help my parents take care of my sister. My parents delagated their respodsibilty to me. I never go anywhere or lived my life until I turned 18 and graduated from high school. I got to move out. Freedom never felt so right. Until I struggled and made mistakes that I'm not proud to say. My parents will never let down the mistakes I made in the past. My father was a real winner... I remember this one time I couldn't pay for my car payment because I didn't have enough money and it was under my mother's name. He literally went upstairs to my room and dragged me out of my bed and told me to get the **** out of his house. I didn't move because had no where to go. Then he proceeded to throw me on the floor and spit on my face. He is such manipulative *****. He always say stuff to my mother about me and get her mad at me for no reason. He's been holding a grudge on me for years just because I put him jail . I remember that day so vividly; I was 5 years old my mom and I were walking upstairs to get to our apartment. All of sudden I see my moms stuff thrown all over the stairs. When went in the house. My dad started screaming at her. They started arguing and it became physical. My dad started to shove my mom into the wall. The 2nd floor neighbor called the cops. When they got there they went to me and ask me what I saw. I told them truth and my dad got mad so ever since then he's been treating me like crap. He would purposely spoil my sister to get me mad and jealous but it never worked because I love my sister too much. Now my dad has left my mom to live his life. He only comes overwhen he needs money from my mom. Now this is a grown *** man who works and makes more money then my mom and I. To top it off my sister was diagnosed with Lupus. He doesn't finacially help my mom out. I'm the one who helps her out. It's azmazing how much bullshit my dad put us through and my mom chooses him over my sister and I in a heartbeat. She said she still loves him no matter what. He makes me sick and fustrsted! He sleeps
with other women and takes Viagra. He always pays his bills late even though I got spit on my face for that crap! I wish he would disapear and never enter my life again. I also wish my mom would just wake up and see that he only comes back to use her for money.
Pastana11987 Pastana11987
Jul 11, 2010