My Mom: The Nazi

My mother is nothing more than an overbearing kettle of evil who refuses to ever let me be happy. She is constantly judging me, she's never happy with anything I do, and I'm comnstantly being berated for stupid things. She constantly complains about me being lazy, despite my excellent grades in school (i'm at college level), my constant array of mind numbing chores that are completed for her just so she won't start getting angry and my constant attention. It's as if she never appreciated anything I did for her. She thinks my younger sister is "the perfect child" and even likes my older sister better than me and my older sister constantly fist-fights with her. THE WORST PART OF IT IS THAT SHE COMPLETELY RUINED MY FORMER RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. When I was a kid and she was evil towards, I would pray for hours and hours for my mom to be replaced with a mom who appreciated me but to no luck. Now, I realized that they only i would be able to get away from her would be to either kill myself or save up enough funds to eventually live with my older sister in a different state. WHO KNOWS?
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KCMaster 1221<br />
What are you are thinking and feeling took me 34 years to realise. <br />
By the sounds of things (particularily with your good grades) there may be a level of jealousy lurking within her, competitiveness with you or any number of strange messed up thoughts that goes through a person's mind.<br />
It may be a difficult one to realise but... you don't need her approval, you don't need her praise and most of all you don't need her acceptance or pride in your actions. <br />
If you continue to do well with your grades, you'll get yourself away from the home you live in with her and set your own home up with your own choice of friends for company, you won't ever have to let her back in to hurt you. I managed it from a very low income family background, I'm now on a high triple figure salary in a different country to my parents who i have learnt to dislike greatly and do not speak to anymore. They still don't think much of me despite my successes in life and when I last spoke to them in person still berated me for stupid things and treated me like a child, were manipulative and condescending. <br />
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Think about it, if your mother were say a college friend.... would you let her get away with the things she says and does to you (or doesn't say and do) and still let her be your friend if you had the choice? I'm guessing not.... so why let her affect you 'just because she gave birth to you'? You had no choice in the matter of being born and owe her nothing. Having you was her choice, she has no privleges over you and no claim, you are an individual. Do you act all nice with someone purely with the expectation they will be nice back to you? No you are thoughtful, considerate and loving towards someone because you genuinely like them, if they genuinely like you they are the same in return. You don't act like an arse with someone and expect them to be good to you in return and bow to your ever wish... that is abuse. Plain and simple. These sorts of parental actions are the ones that can ruin lives. You are stronger than you know,