Its Mainly My Mom

I can honestly say that living with my Parents is a living Hell.... my mom always has something to yell about and she is always yelling at me about that thing. Usually it's about the house being dirty and well it's not dirty. I guess she expects it to be perfect and well life isn't perfect. So, everyone besides my mom tries to clean the house more. She tries to find something to yet at ME for. Why does she even bother, we tried. I have had enough of it so I have stopped helping around the house. I mean, if she is going to yell at me for no reason, I might as well give her a reason. My mom is like top dog around the house. Whatever she says goes. My dad never really gets a say when it comes to him being the parent. My mom always has to have a say in any of the decisions. In the past my Dad has made decisions on is own and she yells at him for doing it, then yells at me.
           Why does it have to be me she yells at. I have a little sister that does some things too. I just don't understand. Another thing about my Mom is that she isn't fair. About a year ago, I went to go see a movie with a friend and of course I have to ask her for permission to go see that movie and she say's "Yeah , that's fine." So I go and see it. After the movie we go to the store and she "found out" I saw "that"  movie and then grounded me for a month for seeing it. Now tell me, is it all that fair that I get grounded for a month for seeing a movie that she gave me permission to go see? I really do not think so.
KellibooXoXo KellibooXoXo
13-15, F
Jul 15, 2010