My Mother Is The Immature One...

I've never known my father, and I don't remember my mother until I was 7, when my childhood happiness ended. I am 14 now, still putting up with her. Since I can remember, she always has verbally and emotionally abused me, causing huge issues in my life. I'm annorexic, though still too large to be happy with my body, have major abandonment issues, see myself negatively, and have very few real friends.  when I was 12 I left her home to live with my grandmother a certain time, and then my uncle, I was more happy than I had been with her, but almost my entire family makes me feel like trash except my aunt, her husband and daughter my cousin, and my grandmother, who raised me until 7, I also have short term memory loss and now a very short attention span. To my dismay, my mother's house burnt in August of 09. I didn't care about the problems she had because of it, but the problems I did.  She had to move in to the same house I was living in, she had nothing except the clothes on her back, her vehicle, and her job, along with thousands of dollars in credit card debts. She can do nothing on her own, if I or someone else is around she wants something, always, no exceptions. She pays no bills, buys only food for herself, and only eats or sleeps when she is here. My grandmother is dying, and when she does go, the house I live in will be sold. My mother seems confident that she's going to drag me to another state when that happens, and I'm just as confident that I'm not leaving the area. I have as little contact with her as possible, and see no reason she should be my  legal guardian. I'm trying to get a job now and hope to have one by the time I am 15 in order to get a hardships license, and want to move away from her so I can apply to be emancipated at 16. Going back to the problems (Don't forget about the attention span please), I was extremelly depressed and suicidal for a while, and still am, just not as much. She found out how I felt and sent me to a behavioral hospital to "fix" me. The depression I was feeling at the time wasn't caused by her but she made it much worse by doing this, and forcing me to see a therapist, a pyschiatrist, and making me take anti-depressants and anxiety medication that worked negatively for me. I really cannot wait to get away from her, forever. If you have come this far, thank you for reading, and good day.

P.S. If anyone knows where I can get a job in SE Texas any help would be much appreciated.
MrSwitch MrSwitch
18-21, M
Jul 16, 2010