Killed My Dream.

Ever since I was old enough to know anything about cars I've wanted a 94-98 mustang gt and just today I got an amazing deal on a 95 mustang gt. It was in mint condition, garage kept it's while life, and never seen snow. Plus it's only $4800 but my **** *** dad won't cosign a loan for me. I've got a job and would have it paid off in a year. I would do anything for this car but he won't sign a paper for me. Earlier today I find out that he asked his mom to loan him $4000 for a boat he just bought (which he lied to the whole family saying he got it out of his bank.) So it's ok for him to ask his mom for a loan but he won't sign a piece of paper that I would be paying so no money would come out of his pocket. I don't get his bullshit.
DustinGoodman DustinGoodman
18-21, M
Jul 19, 2010