So i kw i might regert this or something but i dont care. im 14, 15 right away, and my parents give me no freedom. i know its a parent thing, but it makes you mad. and they know my cell isnt my life, but my only real social life, since they dont let me have one. and my dad took my cell away for the STUPIDEST REASON EVER. literally, im not just saying that. they care too much, they dont let me do anything because they "dont want me to get hurt, or lose me"...ya right we've all heard that one. they know i wont get hurt because i dont do anything to get hurt, and they just want me to stay home and have no life, like i have for the past 14 years. they do not understand at all.
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

i know, it sucks soooooooo much!! :( my parents are EXACTLY the same! my parents took my pocket money away (which was a load of money what they gave me) because i didn't tidy up my bedroom for a f*cking week!! and now, they're always telling me now - to make me angry - that if we go to miami or anywhere else in the US, they wont buy me ANYTHING coz i have no pocket money!! I HATE THEM!!<br />
and also, i've been sleeping in a friend's house and im having my breakfast and watching TV, then my mom goes and calls through my friend's phone to shout at me about my phone not being ON! my parents dont even let me watch a bit of TV in the morning in a friend's house without me having to call them!! like if my friend is gonna rape me or something! ITS F*CKING RIDICULOUS!!