They're Divorced, It's My Problem.

They've been divorced two years, TWO YEARS, and they still make me talk for them. Do you know how annoying it is? It takes 5 minutes if they pick up a phone and speak but NOOOO i have to waste 20 minutes trying to tell one what the other said, call, hang up, call, hang up...GIVE IT UP!! Why don't they act like adults and swallow their pride. Last year i graduated from middle school and apparently i wasn't important enough for both of them to go. They act like it wasnt a big deal but i mean it was, it hurts. I won't try to understand them because they didnt try to understand my feelings. Both of them said the same thing, "i don't care if it is your graduation if he/she is going i'm not." I mean i know i should be happy having both parents in my life but if this is what its like i would rather have more responsibility and no one to love me. I don't plan on having either of them for my high school graduation if they continue to act like this. I don't need more kids at my graduation then i have to have. I do love them because they're my parents but if didnt have any ties like blood, i wouldn't even try to talk to them for a second longer than i have to.
skipbeat skipbeat
22-25, F
Jul 22, 2010