Selfish Parents

How come I never got any comments and credits that I have high grades, just for example i Got 9/10 in my quiz, i can't ever hear them say Good job or anything all they say is ''Why is there a mistake?Can't you make it perfect?'' They never appreciated anything that i do. They're selfish for example I have to go to the mall because it's my friend's b-day, when my selfish dad comes home and i say that if he can drop me on the mall...all he'll say is that ''I'm tired of work.I'll have to sleep first.'' THEY LET OTHER PEOPLE WAIT.******* USELESS *****. WHEN I FINISH STUDYING THEY WILL REGRET THAT THEY HAD A SON LIKE ME TO TREAT THAT WAY. **** THEM.
sn1p3r5296 sn1p3r5296
Jul 24, 2010