I Hate My Father And Mother

i hate my father very badly.he is so ridiculous.He admitted me in school 1 month late in 6th class, 2.5 months late in 7th and 1.5 months late in 8th. but this is not the end,he also took the whole family to a small and orthodox town to take revenge from me & my mother(we complained him to police for family violence) where people strongly believe in caste system.I have to left my friends,school, the house i liked and was forced to live in a very small house( the landlords were cruel too,**** them).Eventually i realised that my mother is also a big idiot like my father(he used to frequently beat me by belt, pipe and stuffs like that). She doesn't understand my feelings and my future plans. No matter how hard i try ,they pull my career down.I tried too much to put my life back on track but the hard I tried the worst my life become. Now I am left with injured leg(my donkey parents believe that I am making excuses to save myself from studies).
They tell me that by keeping me in hardships I will become strong (a ridiculous excuse to run away from responsibility of parenting)
I hate my parents too much especially my dad and craving to go out to study in college.Once I get a job ,I will very,very seldom interact with them. I will realise them of there mistakes when they become old and weak. I will definately take revenge in some form or other.
Friends are my only support to tolerate this suck period. My life turned from heaven to hell only because of my father. I HHAATTEE HIM
ahirwarpranjal ahirwarpranjal
Jul 24, 2010