The Hard Times

ever since i was 5 i was known to have a bigger figure. i am now 15 and i've lost a lot of weight.  my parents are constantly calling me fat and telling me to get on the tredmill. it doesnt make any sense to me because i'm not fat at all, i don't eat very much, i'm just not very very skinny.  so now i am always on bike rides or going on walks with my friends so they'll get off my back.  they also call me stupid and expect me to get all A's, but i do my best and get A's and B's but that's not good enough for them.  nobody's perfect.  it's also very hard to get along with my family sometimes because my mom drinks ALOT!  one time it got so bad she punched my dad three times and she was throwing and breaking things, so my dad called the cops.  its very hard because it hurts me and my sister a lot.  my dad's been threatening to divorce her because she keeps repeating it over and over again and wont get help.  sometimes i wish they would finally get divorced because it would make everything a lot more easier.  but i've learned that my mom got an abortion and has been depressed for years.  she doesnt even get along with her own parents which sucks because they never come to see us anymore, even though they are very nice people.  i was also in a relationship with my ex for almost a year, he tried to help me stand up to my parents but in the end i ended up running away which was the biggest mistake of my life because i am no longer with the guy i rly loved and cared bout and now my rents have a hard time trusting me. thts the story of my life... but im very thankful for having all the good friends i have because they are always there for me(Annie) lol
         is there anyone out there who can relate to this and anyone who has any suggestions on wat i should do??
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yes u got a comment snooki 15

hi snookie your story really touched me since ive been through alot because of my family and because im really tall (6foot) it made me feel really abnormal at school especially and my family didnt help to make me feel safe, my dad used to beat me and my brother made sure to make my life hell and when ever i told him to stop and id start crying hed laugh at me and as youd expect i got really shy and thought i wasnt good enough. Its been 3 years since ive seen my brother and lived with my dad but even now it affects me in little ways but i think it only made me stronger in a way ,my advice is its never a good idea to runaway from your problems they always seemed to come back at you ten fold trust me i ran away too and my life got sooo much worse but thats just me since then ive learned to tackle your problem head on stand up for yourself! and if that guy you liked was really great get him too while your at it! theirs always a second chance in life!!xox ....c....

u should cotinue to talk to annie lol