so ALOT of shyt had been happening to be lately..like bad shyt. and its really starting to get to me. and usually..we no im lying....my mom gives me this attitude that just makes life WORSE. she is soo annoying. i hate her. and all though my parents are divorced my ddad is an even bigger douche then my mom. i hat emy life. i hate it so  much! i cant wait to get out of here and leave them. i need my own space and my own life because i cant take being here. everything that i think could go wrong in my life does but something worse happens. and its all becasue of my parents. my mom is sucha ***** about everyhitng. she thinkings her life iss so hard and that she is the only person who acn be going through something. **** HER! she keeps saying im going to be stuck in the house for a long time..WHO GIVES  AFUCK! IM SAVING GAS IN MY CAR ANYWAYS. i like having people come vistisst me. EVIL EVIL EVIL! that is all that i can describe my mother as. i hope one day she sees this blog because then mabye she will stop being such an evil fat *****!

wayy2hott4ubabe wayy2hott4ubabe
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

I completly agree with me. my mom is so freakin annoying and they tell me the same crap, how im gonna live there forever, and they call me loser and retard, well I def. cant wait to move out then there gonna regret everything when they never see me again..oh sweet revenge