I Just Wanna Be Left The Hell Alone

So seriously I can't take it anymore, I am 25 years old and i get treated like a 15 year old. My dad actually told me that I am not allowed to sleep over my girlfriend of 5 years house unless were engaged. and my mom is always just bothering me and gets upset if I dont talk at the dinner table, like what do they want me to do dance for them, so annoying. And get this, my dad actually went in my room and unplugged all the wires for my computer cuz i play computer games too much, like are you serious, I'm 25 years old and I'm not allowed to use my computer in my room anymore. Wow I am definately in the process of moving out with my gf cant wait!!!! I really hate my parents and I dont care.
parisit85 parisit85
7 Responses Jul 31, 2010

you really need to move out soon.

So she's your friend or actual gf

i understand how u feel*

wow u seriously need to move out dude ur gonna become very depressed hurry as fast as u can and i understand how i feel goshhh i just hate my parents to bits and I'm only 18!!!!

My parents treat me like **** and cover it up but acting like the Brady Bunch in public. I can't wait to move out either.

Go out and visit them after long time. they will see that you are man not child

good for you bro